1969 L88 Corvette - Rock Star

Mark Donnally's '69 L88 Lives The Pampered Life Of A Celebrity

Wade Cassels Apr 14, 2009 0 Comment(s)

Mark was particular about the qualifications of any L88 he considered buying. This Corvette has been honored as one of the best, both before and after he bought it. It earned Bloomington Gold in 1994, and has been featured in the Bloomington Gold Special Collection, the L88 display at the '03 NCRS Nationals, and the NCRS Gallery III at the '03 Corvettes at Carlisle.

"Not only did it achieve Bloomington Gold and Top Flight, but it scored highly," Mark says. "This is a 98.5 to 99 NCRS (multiple) Top Flight car."

Even though the '69 was well respected when he bought it, Mark wasn't satisfied, and he took what was already a fine restoration to the next level. The original resto was performed by renowned L88 fixer-upper Tim Thorpe of O'Fallon, Illinois. "When I purchased it," Mark says, "It was showing wear and needed a healthy dose of TLC. I took it to Rick Osborne of Coastal Corvettes in Southport, North Carolina, and his impeccable work has resulted in a factory-fresh and correct L88." The redline tires were replaced with blackwalls, the service-date carb was replaced with an original, the cotter keys were bent, and dated F41 rear shocks were added. "Those [shocks] are [almost] impossible to find," Mark says. "You're talking about $2,500 for two [judging] points. Altogether, I've corrected over 300 items on the car.

"I have probably over-restored it a little. It is probably nicer than it was when [Mr. Eubanks] bought it new. But what I am most proud of are all the details I have made correct."

In addition to loving the cars, Mark has found the relationships he has cultivated with other L88 owners to be rewarding as well. "When you go to a show, the L88s are like rock stars," he says. "There is definitely a bond between owners. It's a brotherhood within a brotherhood."




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