1967 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe - 1967 L88 - Uncovered!

Bill Tower's Gm Proving Grounds-Tested Legend

Cam Benty Mar 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)
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The side pipes for the L88 cars came in the interior of the car for later installation by the owner. They were unique because they were flat on the bottom for better ground clearance.

L88 Options
C48: Deletion Option for Heater and RadioA '67-model-year option incorporated to discourage street use and reduce overall vehicle weight by removing the heater and defroster. A radio could not be ordered with the L88 option.

J50/J56: Heavy-Duty Power-Brake Combination
A special proportioning valve that increased braking effect to the front to compensate for weight transfer under heavy braking. Brake shoes were stronger than stock units for improved retention. Famous dual-pin front brake calipers were used.

K66: Transistor Ignition
This was the standard transistorized ignition that was used on the L71- and L89-equipped Corvettes from '67 to '69.

F41: Special Suspension
Installed heavy-duty front coil springs and heavy-duty shocks both front and rear, and a heavy-duty seven-leaf rear spring.

M22: Close-Ratio Four-Speed Manual Transmission
Heavy-duty manual transmission with fine-spline input shaft, a large-diameter output shaft, and gear teeth that utilized reduced helix angles. Much noisier transmission than standard Muncie.

G81: Posi-traction Rear Axle
Standard production Corvette Posi-traction system

L88 Engine Tech Pointers:
* The '67 and '68 L88 engines used closed-chamber aluminum heads with a 12.5:1 compression ratio. A required sticker was placed in the interior of the car: "WARNING: Vehicle must operate on fuel having a minimum of 103 research octane and 95 motor octane or engine damage may result." According to Bill Tower, this sticker was supposed to be placed in the glovebox next to the tire-pressure sticker. Most are located behind the stick shifter on the console.

* The '67 L88 Corvettes came without emissions equipment. The '67 L88 Corvettes were equipped with a black road-draft tube mounted on the driver side of the engine. It was used to draft partially filtered gases out of the engine.

* The '67 L88 engines were more unique than later models because the valve covers, aluminum heads, and block were painted Chevy Orange. The '68 and '69 L88 aluminum heads were left bare and the valve covers were chrome.




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