C4/C5 Corvette Swap - Lust, Greed & Passion

On The Road With Two C5s, A C4, And Their Owners Who Swapped Corvettes And Told Their Tales

Jerry Pitt Feb 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)
Corp_0402_14_z Corvette_swap 2000_corvette_front_view 2/19

Jack Jett's Torch Red '00 coupe generates a crowd of patriotic supporters everywhere it goes.

'00 Torch Red Coupe
Flowery Branch, Georgia

Gracing our cover of this February 2004 issue, Jack Jett's C5 drives home a patriotic theme that few would dare to consider. Jack says, "The custom graphics were designed and supplied by AZ Auto as a tribute to those patriots of September 11." When applied to the Torch Red '00, we have to agree it is a fitting tribute and a statement of Jack's American pride.

With the classic Stars & Stripes motif, Jack carries over traditional automotive classic design. Don't believe the fallacy that chrome is meant for '57 Chevys. If you need a little motivation, check under the hood of this Corvette.

Corp_0402_18_z Corvette_swap 2000_corvette_door 3/19

C5 Specialties supplied the full chrome engine package with detail painting by Paula. The eye-popping look is amplified with power additions including a Corsa Indy Pace Car exhaust system with Daytona tips and a K&N twin filter system.

A wide assortment of accessory items have tastefully made their way to this Corvette including Jack's own creation, Jettco drink holders. However, who's got time to drink anything when everybody's looking at this dramatic C5?

Corp_0402_15_z Corvette_swap 2000_corvette_interior 4/19

Personalization at its best is the hallmark achievement of Jack Jett's coupe. Components from C5 Creations, Hurst, C5 Specialties, and RKSport make this C5.

Dave Rasmussen On Jack Jett's '00
"Summed up in two words: people magnet. It's a beautiful example of a C5, tastefully done. Performance-wise, it is not tuned up to the level of Bobby's Z06, but certainly has more than enough torque without getting into racing mode.

"This car is far more driver friendly, especially in regards to the clutch and transmission. Lots of aesthetic changes to the engine compartment and the cabin have been made in the form of chrome and carbon fiber.

"In the same section of esses, the handling and brakes were very good, but not a match to the Z06. The aftermarket exhaust was loud, throaty, but not as objectionable as the Z06.

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"Positives: An eye-catcher with performance to boot. A treat to drive! Fully loaded and I loved the heads-up display.

"Negatives: Store a large supply of chrome cleaner."

Bobby Tow On Jack Jett's '00
"The C5 coupe ride is smoother and less harsh than my Z06. The LS1 engine has plenty of smooth, predictable horsepower and the Corsa Indy exhaust with Daytona tips has great sound. The brakes on this car are better than with stock rotors.

Corp_0402_16_z Corvette_swap 2000_corvette_engine 6/19

If you want to swap with Jack Jett, bring your Visa card so you can afford the chrome cleaner.

"The C5 coupe also offers more luggage and storage capacity compared to the Z06 or the C4. I did not like the EMT run-flat tires. They were noisy and do not grip well in the cornering department. I felt as if the EMT tires would break loose under extreme hard cornering. Overall, the C5 coupe was very stable in normal cornering and would be the best of the three Corvettes on a long road trip.

"Pros: Great travel Corvette. Good, but soft suspension. Great looks. Very patriotic.

"Cons: Replace the EMT run-flat tires with Goodyear F1s or Michelin Pilots for a smoother, quieter ride and better traction and grip. I would not like all the work it takes to keep the chrome clean under the hood."


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