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1968 Chevelle Sales Brochure

Continuing our series of vintage sales booklet walk through, this time we see what people were checking out for the all new ’68 Chevelle.

Sorry it’s been a while since our last brochure look through, things have been kinda nuts here at the Super Chevy office. I just got back from the St. Louis Super Chevy Show, a great event that had over 400 cars, and one of the best fields of high quality stuff I’ve ever seen.

Now on to ’68!

After four years on the original 115-inch wheelbase platform the Chevelle debuted with in the fall of ’63, Chevrolet unveiled to the public an all new ’68 Chevelle that was different from the ground up compared to the ’64-’67 models. The new A-body chassis featured a shorter 112-inch wheelbase (116-inches on four-door sedans), revised front suspension, provisions for disc brakes, and other refinements. The body style was an all new fastback design, which made even the most base model ’68 look sleek and fast.

Engines for ’68 were relatively unchanged, except for the debut of the new 200 HP 307 small-block as the base V-8 to replace the venerable 283. The 327 was available in 250, 275, and 325 HP versions, while the 396 could be had in 325, 350, and 375 HP versions. The base six-cylinders were the 140 HP Turbo-Thrift 230 I-6, and it’s 155 HP big brother 250 cid inline.

For looks, the ’68 Chevelle/Malibu gave buyers the choice of 15 exterior colors, five two-tone combos of those 15, and a choice of either black or white vinyl tops. Paint colors were Tuxedo Black, Fathom Blue, Grecian Green, Cordovan Maroon, Palomino Ivory, Ermine White, Island Teal, Tripoli Turquoise, Seafrost Green, Sequoia Green, Grotto Blue, Ash Gold, Teal Blue, Matador Red, and Butternut Yellow.

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