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Lime Green 1970 Chevy Chevelle - Mean, Green G-Machine

The Roadster Shop '70 Chevelle

By , Photography by Team Super Chevy

Driver's Impression - On The StreetI'm a sucker for good steering. I hate over-assisted boxes, twitchy steering, and I have little tolerance for slow, indirect steering. That made me appreciate The Roadster Shop Chevelle's steering feel right away. The more I drove it, the better I liked it. It was neither too light, nor too heavy, and it pointed the car right where you wanted it.

Cruising the streets around El Toro, I came to appreciate the well-sorted combo of Eibach springs and Penske shocks. The ride was sports-car firm, but not jittery or harsh. Despite the low stance, the railroad track crossing along our route failed to knock out any fillings. I'd rate the ride/handling combo better than average for the group of cars tested.

Other pluses: Sweet-shifting T56 gearbox, Zoom aluminum flywheel and clutch, Cobra seats, pedal layout and tilt steering column, all excellent. Minuses? Without carpeting, side glass or a backseat, the tailpipe-less exhaust system created quite a din inside. As for the color, well, make mine red-Jim Campisano

By The Numbers - ROADSTER SHOP ’70 Chevelle
Total cost of parts: $18,480
Estimated install time: Dependant on how it’s ordered
Install note: Bolt in full chassis with no floormodifications
Type: LS7 Crate Engine – 640 HP – Turn Key Performance
Block: Aluminum, 427 cubic inches
Fuel Delivery: GM EFI
Transmission: Tremec T56 six-speed Viper spec
Rearend: 9-inch Ford, Posi, 3.70 gears
Steering: Power rack
Spindles: C6 Vette with DSE control arms
Front Suspension: RS Performance full chassis
Front Shocks: Koni billet double adjustable, remote reservoir coilovers
Front Swaybar: NASCAR style splined front sway bar–1.25-inch
Rear Suspension: Parallel four-bar swivel link
Rear Shocks: Koni billet double adjustable, remote reservoir coiloverse
Rear Swaybar: Adjustable, splined sway bar 1-inch diameter 0.090 wall
Front Brakes: 14.25-inch rotor, 6-piston caliper, Wilwood
Rear Brakes: 14-inch rotor, 4-piston caliper, Wilwood
Wheels: Forgeline, 19x12 rear, 18x10 front
Tires: 305/30x19 rear 265/35x18 front Toyo R888-100 treadwear
Tires @ re-test 345/35R19 rear and 275/35R18 Michelin Pilot Sport PS2-220 Treadwear
Chevelle C5 Vette
Skidpad: 0.91 g 0.90 g
Slalom: 47.3 mph 44.7 mph
Autocross: 45.26 sec. 47.89 sec.
The Roadster Shop
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