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February 2013 - Readers Rides


USAF Rescue Pilot TC Cunha has owned his ’68 drop-top for over 18 years, but it was only recently that the project kicked into high gear. As TC explained, “About 18 months ago I was on an overseas assignment to Africa where I was surfing the Internet looking for ideas for the next evolution of my Camaro. I really wanted to buy a ’10 SS, but as luck would have it, my wife said, ‘Finish the one in the garage first!’ So, being a good husband, I heeded her advice. That was when I started reading your magazine and getting the ideas I needed to bring my baby into the 21st century!”

Camp 1302 01 O Readers Rides 1968 Drop Top 2/7

Under the hood resides an LS2 backed by a 4L70E transmission. Baer brakes provide plenty of stopping power while a host of widgets from Detroit Speed Inc. help the SS handle. The work was expertly done at Screamin’ Performance by Brian Johnston. And like most projects, what was expected to take just three months morphed into a year and a half due to body damage and rust found along the way. TC relayed, “I’m happy to say that upon my return the second time from Africa, project Pro-Crastination (my wife’s call since the car has been an 18-year journey to this point!) was ready for me to pick up and drive home. Though we still need to wring a few things out, it’s my daily driver and in the last four weeks I have put 500 miles on it. To say I have a huge grin is an understatement!” To see more build shots click on over to

Weekend Toy

Wheelersburg, Ohio’s, Chad Roffe was in the market for another Camaro when he stumbled upon this ’99 Z28. “In the summer of 2011, I had spent several months looking online and in car lots for just the right Camaro. I came upon a very promising ad on Craigslist for a low-mile, ‘full bolt-on’, 1999 Z28. The color and mileage (57,618) of the car caught my eye and I just had to have it. After spending a week constantly thinking about the car, I contacted the seller and made arrangements to drive a few hours north to look at it. The only downside was that the car turned out to have just a cam. I purchased the car and drove it most of last fall until I stored it for winter. Over that time, I tore the car down to install new heads and an intake, but the project snowballed a bit.”

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The LS1 was taken out to 370 inches and topped with LS3 heads. Chad also added a host of SLP go-fast goodies along with a set of stainless long-tube headers. The trans was replaced with a manual valvebody 4L80E and a 3,600-stall converter. Chad also reworked the suspension with a full complement of upgraded parts, added 18-inch C5Z wheels, and dropped in 4.10 gears. The result is a super clean, and very fast, Z28 that’s the perfect weekend warrior.

Crisis Management

OK, we know gearheads are a resourceful lot, but we think Scott Howard of Phoenix, Arizona, deserves a few bonus points. “I got my wife to let me buy this Camaro by telling her I was going through a midlife crisis, and I needed either a girlfriend or a new Camaro. She opted for the Camaro. It’s all in how you phrase things,” deadpanned Scott. For now, the 2SS/RS drop-top is mostly stock, but Scott has managed to add a paint-matched Heritage grille, SS emblems, Borla exhaust, Lexani wheels, and a cold-air induction setup. And while the Camaro and upgrades did set him back more than a few bucks, it was still way cheaper than the alternative.

Camp 1302 03 O Readers Rides RS Drop Top 4/7

Buyer Beware

eBay is a great place to buy many things sight unseen, but classic cars shouldn’t be one of them. John Ladd found this out the hard way three years ago when a “slight discrepancy” in this Camaro’s description meant he got the joy of spending $10,000 to fix rusted-out floors and a trashed transmission. Now all repaired, this sweet ’67 RS still runs the bone-stock 275hp 327 mill backed by a Hurst-shifted M-21 trans. Hell, it even rocks a Chevrolet eight-track unit!

Camp 1302 04 O Readers Rides 1967 RS 5/7

As John told us, “Lots of changes will be coming this winter. Georgia summers can be hot so Vintage Air will be added and a 515hp 406 will be the new engine. I will also add an Eaton TrueTrac and 3.08s will replace the 3.73 gears for easier highway cruising.”

Resto Modded

Back in 2011, when Ron Suguitan bought this ’67 RS it had a tired 350 small-block and TH350. It also had shoddy paint and needed a ton of TLC. Since then Ron has totally reworked the Camaro from stem to stern. The old drivetrain was ditched and replaced with a Chevrolet Performance 500hp LS376 crate engine and 4L70E transmission. To get the new mill in the car and purring properly he added a GM controller kit, a March Performance pulley kit, Holley swap headers, and a Flowmaster exhaust system. The suspension was upgraded with a kit from Classic Performance Products and brakes were replaced with four-wheel-disc Wilwood binders. The wheels are 17-inch Torq-Thrust IIs wrapped in Falken rubber. Interior comfort was upped with the addition of a Vintage Air system, and the whole car was reshot in the original Bolaro Red.

Camp 1302 05 O Readers Rides 1967 RS 6/7

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