2010 Chevrolet Camaro - Baskin Keeps On Truckin’

Body-in-white + 1,100HP LSX = 8.20s at 164

Ro McGonegal Apr 1, 2013 0 Comment(s)

They put the block through its requisite machining processes. Then they partnered a Callies crankshaft with GRP connecting rods and Ross pistons sporting a compression ratio of 15:1. For proprietary reasons, we assume, there were details that Greg would not reveal, such as the specs for the COMP solid roller cam and its ancillaries or the Edelbrock cylinder heads (15-degree valve angle and 2.25/1.68 valves). Since nobody made a bolt-on induction manifold for this custom configuration, BES built an isolated-runner prop from aluminum. They fixed the top plate with the proper carb-base heat insulation and a brace of CFM Performance Carburetors 1,250-cfm four-barrels. Feeding is done via a fuel cell and a Magnafuel Pro 500 pump. Heat-laden oil is relieved somewhat by the Moroso 6-quart sheetmetal pan and accompanying pickup. No word on the pump. Coolant circulates constantly via a Meziere water pump and the belt-driven ignition distributor gets orders from an MSD 7531 programmable Digital 7 box. Using Kook’s raw stainless bits, B&B built the exhaust system from stainless steel with 1 7⁄8-inch primary pipes and 4-inch collectors. Since rules stipulate a “complete” system, B&B fabricated 4-inch diameter arrangement that includes Kook’s mufflers. The BES pump revealed a lusty, high-winding sumbitch: 1,116 horsepower at 8,900 rpm and 700 lb-ft of torque at 8,500 rpm!

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And that undeniable grunt is managed by a ProFlite three-speed automatic designed by Protrans (Australia). It’s based on the smaller AMC (Chrysler) 727 case, which is narrower in the bellhousing by 1.5 inches. It features lightweight 904-based internal components and requires 125-150 psi of line pressure compared to the 225 psi required in a race ’Glide. It’s held to the block with a Protrans bellhousing and driven by a Neal Chance converter that flashes wickedly at 7,500 rpm. Through all that, the undistracted Greg finds accuracy and repeatability in the B&M Pro Ratchet shifter. The driveshaft is aluminum.

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The pain room is furnished in late Kirkey aluminum, with minimal padding and black leather applied at B&B. The buckets are accompanied by G-Force harnesses, but the dash (complete with radio) looks factory as do the door and side panels. For that critical empirical input, Greg relies on a Racepak data recorder; all the rest is seat-of-the-pants and experience.

B&B locked the project up with bodywork, fabricating a wing that’s as wide as a coffee table, installing the factory grille ensemble and securing the VFN fiberglass cowl hood. With a nod to the Yenko Supercar schtick, they applied the House of Kolor tri-coat Oh So Orange.

In its second season, the Camaro ran a best of 8.23 at 164 from 440 naturally aspirated cubic inches. That’s honkin’! If there is a smudge on Greg’s horizon, it could be Judd Massengill’s LSX-rocked fourth-gen that has run identical numbers. But does Greg love his white-body wedge?

Just like he stole it.

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