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Jan 11, 2013

Army of One

Serving in the Army tends to keep one rather busy, so adding in a hobby like hot rodding can be a real challenge. If anyone knows this it’s Craig Kauzlaric. Over the course of four years, in between deployments, he’s dumped a ton of sweat equity into building his ’70 RS Camaro. “It was a mess when I got it and even got broke into during shipment,” said Craig. The body is mostly stock with the exception of a nose and filler panel from Anvil Auto, while Hotchkis springs help nail the stance. The Camaro rolls on Billet Specialties 17-inch wheels wrapped in BFG rubber and is powered by a 350 small-block backed up by a TH350 trans. As Craig relayed, “I have done about 90 percent of the work on this car, and with the help of your magazine, I have been able to build the car of my dreams. Keep up the great work on the magazine and I will stay loyal.”

Camp 1212 01 1970 Chevrolet Camaro Rs Billet Grille 2/6

Generational Gap

For nearly all of the last 45 years, the General has been churning out Camaro goodness, and over that time quite a bit has changed. In fact, even though the newest generation borrows styling cues from the classics, it’s still a completely different animal. Maury Adler loves all things Camaro and decided to morph the classic exterior coolness of his ’69 with the high-tech interior from a ’12. “The interior parts and steering column are out of a fifth-gen. In order to make the lights, wipers, and accessories work, a Body Control Module (BCM) as well as a complete wiring harness was installed,” explained Maury. The drivetrain consists of a 396ci big-block backed by a 700-R4 trans and a 12-bolt posi. It all makes for one sweet Camaro that bridges the generations in a very cool way.

Euro Thrash

If you’re in the service and stationed over in Europe, then why not have a little fun and have your ride shipped over with you? That’s what Mervin Bric thought when he had his ’00 Z28 transported to Germany to keep him company. The 447-rwhp LS1 has been warmed over with an LS6 intake, MTI lid, bigger COMP cam, LS6 oil pump, Trick Flow hardened pushrods, and Stainlessworks long-tube headers. The suspension was treated to a mix of UMI and BMR parts along with some Koni single-adjustable shocks. For brakes, he chose a Kore3 big-brake kit with slotted DBA rotors and HSP metallic pads. As Mervin told us, “I’m an avid reader and fan of your magazine. My car is set up to take the twisty roads of Europe, and it shined fairly well against the euro cars at the Nurburgring track.” All we can say is that it looks like Mervin represented American muscle quite well!

Camp 1212 04 1970 Chevrolet Camaro Rs 2000 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 5/6


Back in 1974, Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, resident Michael Snipes bought this ’69 off the original owner, and over the last 38 years he’s been getting it just right. Both the paint and interior were completely restored, and under the hood there’s a 400hp 302-inch small-block modified by F&P of Littleton, North Carolina. A four-speed manual trans lets Michael row through the gears and we imagine that the 302 makes some pretty sweet noise when it’s revin’ hard.

Camp 1212 05 1970 Chevrolet Camaro Rs Orange 1969 Chevrolet Camaro 6/6

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