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October 2012 Straight-Line Spotlight

Bruce Biegler Oct 1, 2012

“Black Magic” Cars Unveiled

Camp 1210 01 Z October 2012 Straight Line Spotlight 2/5

It was one of the most anticipated new-car debuts for the entire drag racing season — and then some. Las Vegas-based team owner Ken Black’s all-new Summit Racing-sponsored ’12 Pro Stock Camaros hit the NHRA circuit midseason — and in full flight! Greg Anderson had a truly remarkable first race out with his all-new Rick Jones-built machine, in fact, he won the NHRA Supernationals event at Englishtown, New Jersey. Anderson’s teammate and defending NHRA Full Throttle World Champion Jason Line, then followed that up with a superb “final four” placing at the next NHRA event held at Bristol driving his new Camaro for the first time. The scintillating early success from new Camaros, while largely expected by most, still sent shock waves throughout the 500ci Pro Stock category.

Super Street Showstopper

Camp 1210 02 Z October 2012 Straight Line Spotlight 3/5

Tim Markoglu, from Staten Island, New York, is for sure turning heads with his stunning ’69 Camaro Super Street car. Powered by a 582ci mill built by Scott Albrecht Motorsports (Jackson, New Jersey) the car applies its power to the ground through a chassis tuned by Farks Supercars and is one of the faster cars on the circuit in the 10.90 category — capable of well over 140-mph terminal speeds. The Camaro features truly high-end paint, which was designed an applied by Korek Designs (New Berlin, Pennsylvania) that has already gathered in “Best Appearing” awards. Oh yeah, did we also mention it is a national event winner? Driver Peter Biondo took Tim’s car to victory lane during NHRA’s Supernationals at Englishtown in June.

10.5 Superiority

Camp 1210 03 Z October 2012 Straight Line Spotlight 4/5

One of the most feared and winningest cars anywhere within North America’s Outlaw 10.5 inch tire racing wars is the ’68 Camaro owned by Maryland’s Gill Mobley and John Ferguson. Ably driven by Chuck Ulsch, the machine, which features a 526ci BAE engine program with a screw blower, has been a record setter and barrier breaker ever since its debut. Within the ADRL’s very finicky Extreme 10.5 (XTF) class it was the first car to break into the 3-second zone and the first over 200 mph — in the eighth-mile. The Camaro, which was built by Vanishing Point Race Cars, is the current ADRL speed record holder at 206.20 mph and Chuck has collected five ADRL event wins (and counting) so far. Chuck’s supporting cast of team members are regarded as some of the best in managing high horsepower and the “great equalizer” small tires on the circuit.

Northeast Nitrous Notoriety

Camp 1210 04 Z October 2012 Straight Line Spotlight 5/5

Doug Bussa’s One Bad Apple ’02 Camaro is one of the most popular cars within the Northeast’s Top Sportsman drag racing scene. Based out of South Glastonbury, Connecticut, the car was originally built in 2006 by Mark Markow (MRC) and has been raced very successfully ever since. Doug’s current engine configuration is a 665ci Reher-Morrison mill with two stages of nitrous oxide that is rated at around 1,700 hp. Bussa is well-known on the circuit for his fan-pleasing “mongo” burnouts, which are usually followed by consistent runs in the 6.8-second e.t. zone at around 205 mph. Doug is also a man with a big heart. He donates all of his winnings to the Connecticut Make-A-Wish Foundation, a very honorable gesture to say the least. Doug’s crew includes Mark Juliano, Steve Brown, and Cameron Brown.



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