June 2012 Camaro Concept Cars

Tavis Highlander Jun 1, 2012 0 Comment(s)
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Chevrolet’s latest version of the Camaro has been around for a few years now and its success has made sure that this new design DNA will be here for years to come. For fun, we decided to manipulate that automotive DNA and inject some of it into three hypothetical offshoots of the current Camaro.

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Our brothers from Down Under already have a GM Ute available to them from Holden. We, however, have nothing even close to that. If the U.S. were to get a Ute, then a Camaro-styled version would be pretty exciting. Our design gives you a hint at what that might look like. We’ve shortened the cab to create a larger bed, but some small sail panels create the illusion of a more compact bed. The rear fender flare now flows into a feature line that replaces the side “triangle” from the coupe.

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This is probably the most “hot rod-esque” vehicle out of our little lineup. Although the roofline and wheelbase are stretched out, the rear doors are kept visually quiet by utilizing Corvette-style door poppers hidden behind an alcove on the C-pillar just above the fender swoop. Fender gills have been swapped from the rear fender to the front and the fender arches have had a little surgery done.

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Imagine this design as a rowdy brother to Cadillac’s CTS wagon. Instead of keeping the flat roofline of the Camaro, we’ve bumped the roofline a touch higher in the front and tapered it gently towards the rear hatch. The rear fender swoop that normally turns into the rear deck has been retained on the wagon, but it now wraps around the hatch instead of a deck. This design definitely offers up lots of utility while still being muscular. Four doors, cargo room, a V-8, and all of it in a package that isn’t another boring SUV. Put me on the waiting list.




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