May 2012 Camaro Concept - X-Breed Camaro

Sharpen the pitchforks and light the torches! Yeah, I went there.

Ben Hermance May 1, 2012 0 Comment(s)
Camp 1205 01 Z May 2012 Camaro Concept 2/2

This is something that’s been simmering for several years, and I finally decided to spend some time cleaning up napkin sketches and scribbles. Like you, I’ve always had an affinity for Camaros, but I must confess my passion for pre-war coupes and roadsters as well. Though diametrically opposed in many ways, I tried to find common ground.

What I set out to do is design a completely custom, lightweight, fenderless hardtop convertible with gokart–like agility and sleek, muscular styling. I intended this body to be either aluminum or carbon-fiber based and have unmistakable ’69 Camaro DNA infused into its surfaces and details. The SS-inspired hood conceals an LS motor backed by a six-speed. The rollers are 18- and 20-inch forged three-piece wheels I designed to update some of the popular vintage styles with a modern spin. You may recognize that the fenders feature the iconic sweeps over the tires and the crowned edges along the tops. The grille insert is fashioned to resemble the original ’69 grille with RS trim included. The headlight bezels are inspired by the cylindrical bezels found on the non-RS. And it wouldn’t be a ’69 Camaro without the quarter gills.

In addition, I had designed it for factory trim and lighting parts to bolt in. For example, the hood provides for SS hood vents, the tail panel allows for factory or aftermarket LED taillights.




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