2011 Chevy Camaro SS/RS - Zee Max!

Velvet hammer coming down

Ro McGonegal Apr 1, 2012 0 Comment(s)
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Many hands are critical to a procedure like this, especially during the 72-hour SEMA thrash. Z gave props: “Mikey for staying there day and night with me all week, scuffing, wet-sanding, and polishing. Jason for painting the entire car in about 10 hours. Mark, Brent, and Mike from Halo Super Cars for helping assemble and finish the car in the final 14 grueling hours. Dean, Jody, Denny, and even my father for helping put it all back together and making the late-night parts runs. My fiancé was a peach. She dealt with my zombie sleeplessness and cranky attitude, packing lunches and even setting clothes out for me for the week-long thrash. And lastly to Cam, Kevin, and Mike for getting it running smoother just hours before its SEMA debut.”




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