2000 Chevy Camaro Z28 - Chasing Numbers

It’s only a matter of time before Scott Massey gets his ’00 Z28 into the nines

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Scott is reluctant on hitting the interior with a rollcage as his kids (as of this writing; ages 10 and 7) really love the Camaro and enjoy going for rides. “Interestingly, my daughter, who is 7 years old, likes the car the most,” boasts Scott. “I like the fact that this is an absolute street car. It weighs 3,700 pounds, with me in it, the A/C blows cold, it’s got cruise control, and factory leather and carpet. It’s still a great car to drive on the street.”

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With Scott keeping the rollcage idea on the proverbial “back burner,” only the A-pillar gauge cluster featuring Auto Meter Sport Comp II gauges give off a vibe of race inspiration. Never mind the three switches above the ashtray marked “Nitrous Arm,” “Purge,” and “Line Lock.” Not to mention the nitrous gauge perched just above the headlight switch.

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The exterior plays along the same stealthy theme and consists of the original pigment: Paint Code 44, Monterey Maroon Metallic. The VFN Sunoco hood is the only indication of the slugfest going down in the engine bay.

Camp 1204 08 2000 Chevy Camaro Z28 Instrument Gauge 4/17

Steve Williams from Tuned by Frost handles tuning duties, and Scott feels the car is running “better than it ever has.” But as we all know, nailing down a new combination takes time, and getting a car totally sorted can be quite a chore. And with raising kids and sticking to the family plan, and sometimes working seven days a week, Scott has only been able to track test the car twice with its current setup. “Both days we took the car out, the weather was bad and the density altitude was over 3,500 feet,” said Scott. “The best performance so far is 10.25 at 139 mph, with the tires spinning through most of First gear and on the limiter almost 2 seconds before the finish line. At 110 mph in the eighth-mile, I know the power is there, so my goal is to run 9.80’s and 140 mph.”

Future plans include a single-plane intake, four-blade throttle body, bigger cam, and possibly larger heads. But first in line is to address some suspension issues. In the works are double-adjustable shocks, adjustable spring perches from Madman Racing, and a drag-style rear bar. Once the suspension is dialed in, then it’s on to more horsepower.

Camp 1204 09 2000 Chevy Camaro Z28 Billet 5/17

And if we know Scott, those 9.80’s he’s hunting for will turn into 9.60’s; And those 9.60’s will turn into… well, you know the drill.




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