1972 Chevy Camaro SS - Forward Thinking

George Packard Goes Showroom Modern with his ’72 SS

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The interior was MIA and George wasn’t all that fond of the tall back seats, so Gabriel and Son Upholstery was commissioned to re-cover some Corbeau seats to look factory. They also installed all the fresh interior pieces along with a refurbished center console complete with an OEM Ralley Gauge pack. At first glance, the interior looks like it came out of an early-’70s GM brochure, but better. In fact, that’s how the whole car comes off. George managed to retain the best parts of the ’72 and update it without sacrificing the car’s soul in the process. “My wife, Denise, who prefers not to ride in our ’32 Coupe, loves the ride and sound of our new Camaro,” remarked George. Yeah, looks like they’re both keepers.

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“The car’s theme is modernized GM showroom. I’ve tried to build the car in a way that you might have been able to order from Chevrolet.

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