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The Camaro Performers magazine staff picks their favorites of 2011

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Owner: Bobby Culhane
Car: 1994 Camaro
Issue: September 2011
Photographer: Josh Mishler

 camp 1202 17 Best Camaros Of The Year 1994 2/24

Most guys wouldn’t give a ’94 Camaro the kind of attention and effort this badass fourth-gen has gotten, but that’s what makes this car unique and owner Bobby Culhane content. Bobby was the kid who walked around with a Chilton LT1 F-body repair manual before even owning a Camaro. It’s that kind of dedication that motivated him to take a somewhat fractured piece like this, and over time, turn it into one of the nicest LT1 cars we’ve seen. The C5 deep-dish wheels are a nice touch to the Medium Patriot Red metallic and pay a nice complement to the fiberglass “stinger” hood. But this car doesn’t rely on looks alone for attention. Estimated at 460 hp and 520 lb-ft of torque in naturally aspirated form, Bobby keeps a 200-shot of juice on tap should an urgent dose of acceleration need be applied.

 camp 1202 18 Best Camaros Of The Year 1994 Camro Lt1 3/24

All you LT1 guys should take note, as this is one way to make your early fourth-gen stand out from the rest—sitting still or haulin’ ass down the road.

Owner: Michael Manning
Car: 1969 Camaro
Issue: December 2011
Photographer: Robert McGaffin

Camp 1202 19 Best Camaros Of The Year 1969 4/24

It’s not uncommon for a car build to take way longer than originally planned; more often than not, it’s usually the case. And that’s exactly what happened when Michael Manning dreamed up building this high-tech ’69 Camaro. And when said build takes many years to complete, the style and set course is certain to change … more than once.

Camp 1202 20 Best Camaros Of The Year Ls7 Engine 5/24

Michael’s original plan was to build something out of the proverbial box, but when the crew at Detroit Speed took over the project, things got out of hand … in a good way. Naturally, the car features top of the line DSE suspension components, and an LS7 whistling to the tune of 505 hp keeps plenty of power at the ready. But what makes the car really unique is the outstanding fit and finish throughout. From afar the car appears to invoke all the usual Pro Touring standards, but a closer look reveals quite possibly the baddest, most understated first-gen Camaro to ever grace the pages of Camaro Performers.

Owner: Mary Pozzi
Car: 1973 Camaro
Issue: December 2011
Photographer: Nick Licata

Camp 1202 21 Best Camaros Of The Year 1973 6/24

Rarely do we feature a car in Camaro Performers magazine more than once. The only exception would be if the subject were totally redone, front to rear. That’s exactly the case with Mary Pozzi’s ’73. Mary’s car was featured in our May 2008 issue and even made the cover; not so much because of it’s outstanding fit and finish, but due to the car’s cool factor and how much abuse Mary has put it through. Any car that can survive Mary Pozzi is well worth a feature in our magazine.

Camp 1202 22 Best Camaros Of The Year 580hp Ls2 Engine 7/24

You might say the car has been reincarnated from its previous existence. All-new Hotchkis suspension replaced the antiquated leaf springs and other undergarments, a stroked 580hp LS2 replaced the small-block, and a fresh interior and killer paintjob from Cris Gonzales at JCG Restorations and Customs in Oxnard, California, gave it a new lease on life. It even went through a Jenny Craig-approved weight reduction program featuring carbon-fiber pieces in place of the vintage sheetmetal.

With the re-do still in its infancy, Mary is still getting used to that “new car smell,” and she’s gradually making nice with all that upgraded suspension. No doubt all that swearing on the autocross course will turn to song in no time.


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