5th-Gen Street Killer - January 2012 Camaro Concept

Eric Brockmeyer Jan 1, 2012 0 Comment(s)
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These new fifth-generation Camaros have so much potential, it’s challenging to settle on one concept direction, there are just so many ways to go with them. For this particular version, the goal was to illustrate a super wide and aggressive, ground-hugging street monster. This bad dude doesn’t try to hide the fact that over 1,000 hp lives underhood and breathes through an intimidating hoodscoop. This much power necessitates some wide, sticky rubber to keep it glued to the street, so the rear quarters have been widened to accommodate the super deep wheels. The massive brakes will need cooling, so some intakes were added to the quarters as well. The front end has been redesigned with a lower front spoiler, and extra air vents take the place of the stock driving lights. The stock grille is gone in favor of a custom piece that creates an angry brow over the headlights to add to the aggressive attitude. A couple heat escape vents in the hood help keep the engine bay from overheating. Whether tearing it up on the racetrack, hammering down the highway, or even blasting through a standing mile in a top speed challenge, this angry beast has got the goods to handle it.

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