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December 2011 Straight-Line Spotlight

Bruce Biegler Dec 1, 2011

All-Stars Accolades

Camp 1112 01 Z December 2011 Straight Line Spotlight 2/5

California’s Joe Roubicek earned his most prestigious win yet as a driver during what is arguably drag racing’s most prestigious annual event for Sportsman racers. Roubicek, from Westlake Village, California, wheeled his ’68 Camaro over the best of the best in Top Sportsman class racing during the Jegs All-Stars event held in conjunction with the NHRA Route 66 Nationals (Joliet, Illinois) in July. Roubicek races a Jerry Bickel-built machine that is powered by a nitrous-injected 632ci Steve Schmidt power plant. His crew is all family, including wife Dian and daughters Rachael and Erika. Roubicek’s All-Stars win was his first, and it was also the only win by an NHRA Division Seven entry during this year’s race.

Oregon’s Old Reliable

Camp 1112 02 Z December 2011 Straight Line Spotlight 3/5

Joe Sorsensen from Woodburn, Oregon, is one of the most familiar Chevy Camaro pilots from the Pacific Northwest. Sorsensen’s ’69, which features a 427ci L72 motor program by Robert Whitcomb, is a very versatile machine, indeed. It’s campaigned in both Stock and Super Stock eliminator trim depending on event circumstance. Joe built the car for racing from scratch in conjunction with his father Hal Sorsensen, and has now run the machine very successfully for over a decade. Over the years, Joe has numerous event wins to his credit and has set national records in both Stock and Super Stock classifications.

Reputed Rowe Racing

Camp 1112 03 Z December 2011 Straight Line Spotlight 4/5

Owned by Bud Rowe and driven by Joe Santangelo, the Rowe Racing ’95 Camaro is currently regarded as one of NHRA’s toughest opponents in Stock Eliminator. Powered by a 350ci LT1 engine and run usually in D/SA trim, the Camaro is a very consistent high 10-second performer. Driver Joe Santangelo, who is from Connecticut, has enjoyed terrific success behind the wheel with multiple NHRA national events wins to his credit—the most recent coming in this car during the NHRA Supernationals at Englishtown, New Jersey, early last June. Rowe’s two sons, Brian and Greg, oversee much of the Camaro’s mechanics and maintenance.

Canadian Crown Jewel Camaro

Camp 1112 04 Z December 2011 Straight Line Spotlight 5/5

Canada’s Pro Mod racing scene featured a very bold new player this season: Jacinto Dos Santos (a.k.a. Jay Santos), from Ontario, debuted a spectacular new ’69 Camaro earlier this year. The car features the very latest in G-Force chassis technology and has the first ever ’69 Camaro body produced by reputed Cynergy Composites, also from Canada. For Santos, who dabbled prior within the Fast Street Car scene, his new Camaro features a significant upgrade in engine power, as motivation now comes from a 2,500hp 521ci supercharged BAE motor built by Mike Stawicki (MSR). The creation is topped off with a truly stunning Yenko SS Camaro paint scheme designed by Justin Spencer (Competition Designs) and expertly applied by Buffalo-area artist extraordinaire Scott Jahren.



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