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Mary Pozzi’s Great Second-gen Gets A Chance to Become Even Better

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Mary kept the GM subframe, but it’s far from stock. It was fully welded then fitted with Hotchkis upper and lower tubular arms with Howe tall ball joints and GM spindles. The rear has Hotchkis’ new three-link, and RideTech’s single-adjustable coilovers are on all four corners. To bring it all to a sudden stop, Baer 6P calipers clamp down on 13-inch rotors up front and Baer SS4 calipers combined with 12-inch rotors bite down on the rear. In a balance between track and street, Mary went with Hawk D-70 pads up front and H-10 pads in the rear. Her rolling stock went on a diet as well, and now features a set of lightweight Forgeline wheels in 18x9, and 18x11 wrapped in Falken Azenis rubber (275/35-18 front, 315/30-18 rear). To stiffen up the chassis, there’s a set of Detroit Speed subframe connectors, Global West interlock solid body mounts, and Hotchkis “Handle Bars” up front.

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The interior is all business. No stereo – just a pair of Corbeau FX1 seats and RideTech harnesses to hold the occupants in place. The back seat was ditched with the interior stitched in black leather by Rogo at Custom Classics. A Covan dash houses Autometer Phantom gauges while a 15-inch Grant GT steering wheel leads the way towards the next apex. For even more structural rigidity, Mary installed a RideTech Tiger Cage. And while she prefers function over form, she did add a few dress-up items like billet hood hinges from Eddie Motorsports and some bling from Marquez Design. But for the most part, if it’s on the car, it serves a go-fast purpose.

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Mary got the Camaro back from paint in January 2011. Since then, she and Dave have been wiring, plumbing, and generally getting the Camaro prepped for its new lease on life. “If I had to do it over again, I’d get the basic bodywork done, leaving the little imperfections, then have it painted so it looked good but not ‘show perfect,’” mused Mary.

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Not that looking good has hurt the car’s performance. With only limited time dedicated to sorting out all the new components, the Camro has already finished on top of the heap at several autocrosses and managed to secure a spot at the 2011 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational. If the car keeps doing this good, we can only imagine what it will come back as next time around.

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“If I had to do it over again, I’d get the basic bodywork done, leaving the little imperfections, and then have it painted so it looked good but not ‘show perfect.”




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