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Keith Kaucher Oct 1, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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One thing I’ve always wondered was what the second-generation Camaros would have looked like with a more aggressive muscle car grille. The Camaro’s styling in 1970 went to a more European flare, and to me they lost some muscle in doing that.

Camp 1110 01 O Kaucher Kustoms Chevrolet Camaro Concept Pro Touring F 2/2

The front end on the ’70-73 Camaros aren’t bad looking, in fact I like them, but they don’t really match the sweet aggressive-looking tail. So with that thought in mind, I set out to design a nose that might have been had Chevy stayed on par with the previous year’s styling.

This wicked-looking Pro Touring F-body is the result of my quest. The two bumperettes that would frame the license plate, if it had one, look like the fangs of an Asp with the plate missing. The hidden headlights and blacked-out grille with all the satin black paint slathered over the candy gold, accent this car’s I-mean-business attitude.

Dropping an LS9 between the Detroit Speed Inc. framerails backed by a six speed would ensure that this is no sheep in wolves clothing and would definitely make this Camaro a cruise night killer, as well as king of the Autocross.

For more of Keith’s designs and artwork go to www.kaucherkustoms.com




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