1994 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 - NIGHT Blooming FIEND

What happens when the fever doesn’t die?

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The suspension is based on stock spindles. Bobby bolstered the remainder with Eibach 2.25-inch lowering springs and Monroe SensaTrac shock absorbers. At the traction end, the Camaro accommodates matching Eibach 2.25-inch drop coils and more SensaTrac shocks. In total, the car is lowered 2.75 inches in front and 3.0 inches in back. The brakes are stock-diameter discs tended by Power Stop rotors and VGX pads in the original calipers.

Camp 1109 06 1944 Camaro Z28 2/14

In his search for worthy, reliable torque transfer (remember, there were many delicate precursors), Bobby landed on a 4L60E manufactured by Performabuilt in Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania. Torque is multiplied by a Yank 3,600-rpm stall converter. The driveshaft is from an LS1 F-body and the rear axle remains the original 10-bolt, albeit one stuffed with a limited-slip, 3.73:1 gears, and a T/A girdle.

Bobby estimates 460 hp at 6,200 rpm and a warm and cuddly 520 lb-ft of torque at 5,500 rpm — without juice. He left the 350ci short-block "as is" and concentrated heavily in all other areas. Machine work was accomplished at Smiley’s Automotive in Greeley. The original 10.5:1 compression ratio was perfect for pump gas. The advantage came with Advanced Induction aluminum cylinder heads engineered with reverse-flow cooling properties, 2.00/1.56 valves, 200cc intake runners, scant 55.0cc combustion chambers, and exhaust ports that have been raised 0.100-inch. At the heart of it is a Comp Cams hydraulic roller that produces 0.601/0.610 lift and a duration of 233/239 at 0.050-inch on 111 LSA. The oiling system is centered on a stock 5-quart pan, pump, and pick-up. COMP Cams one-piece pushrods nudge 1.6:1 roller rocker arms. To import sufficient fuel, Bobby stayed with the EFI but inserted Bosch Green Giant 42-lb/hr injectors and feeds the intake with a positive-displacement (gerotor) Racetronix in-tank fuel pump and system. The exhaust tract is filled with MAC mid-length 1 5/8-inch primaries, custom 3-inch aluminized stainless system, cross-over pipe, and Dynomax Race Bullet muffs. Ancillaries include a Moroso air hat and K&N element, Tuff Stuff 14-amp alternator, and the stock radiator core. In all, a tough, reliable power plant ready for whatever other changes that Bobby might foresee.

Camp 1109 07 1944 Camaro Z28 Left 3/14

In the business room, you’d be hard-pressed to notice much more than a stock layout. While the hue of the interior tableau has changed from light grey to ebony/charcoal, all the attendant items were refurbished, re-upholstered, or customized. Auto Meter Ultra-Lite and Cobalt C2 gauges are rampant. In the middle of it all, there is a one-off gauge overlay, accompanied by an array of LEDs to illustrate the intricate design. In one of the air vents, our man posted a Scanmaster diagnostic scale. In fact, Bobby put most of the time in the construction of the various enclosures and boxes necessary for the Pioneer Premium DEH-P77DH head that works with a JL Audio MonoBlock sub amp. Front and rear speakers are 6.5-inch Infinity partnering with a pair of JL 10-inch WO subwoofers. Keep rockin’, Bobby!

Camp 1109 08 1944 Camaro Z28 Bobby Culhane And 4/14

Kent Erben at Dellenbach Chevrolet in Fort Collins, Colorado, applied the Medium Patriot Red metallic. The combination of the C5 wheels, lowered body, and in-your-face fiberglass hood grabs your eyes and refuses to relent. Bobby did the bodywork. He designed the graphics. Kent laid down the same. Undoubtedly, the Camaro stands out, predicated on that lumpy hood, and is bound to remain in the mind’s eye for a precious long time. Why should we care? “There are many unique pieces on my Camaro. A lot of them are one-of-a-kind and can no longer be bought. They all come together as a whole and make the Camaro unique.”

Camp 1109 09 1944 Camaro Z28 5/14

Yeah, Bobby, that’s the stuff.

Camp 1109 10 1944 Camaro Z28 Supercharged 6/14

“Most people would have sold the car after all the issues I’ve gone through, but I never gave up on her.”




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