Power Seller Camaro Concept

Tavis Highlander Jul 1, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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Gathering funds for a project isn’t always as easy as making a withdrawal. Sometimes you have to get a little creative, and that’s exactly what this ’79 Camaro build is all about. Andrew Barnes, a fabricator at Jonesy’s Inc. www.jonesys.com, is the owner and he’s definitely been getting creative. In order to pay for the planned modifications to his Camaro, he’s been selling parts on eBay. In fact, he’s sold enough parts to gain “Power Seller” status, hence the name given to project.

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Armed with the cash to tackle the project, Andrew’s now ready to start buying up parts and materials. Smart purchases and modifications like what have been planned for this car are what can really make a project like this stand out. First off, is the paintjob. The burnt copper orange paint will be paired with granite-colored custom stripes and trim pieces. And 17-inch Year One five-spoke rally wheels top off the straightforward look while not breaking the bank.




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