July 2011 Readers' Rides

Family Matters

Rhonda Sharpe comes from a family of Camaro lovers. Her husband has a ’68, she rolls in a ’10, and her pops drives a ’67. As she told us, “My dad, Ron Parsley, had always wanted a classic car. Ten years ago we bought this Camaro in Georgia with the intention of hauling it home on a trailer. When we found the rental place closed, we decided to start driving it home to see how far it would get. To our surprise, it made it all the way home to West Virginia.” In 2005, the family started the rebuild. At first it was just going to be a small deal, but you know how that always ends up. First up was a mini-tub kit from Detroit Speed Inc., which led to cleaning and painting the subframe. Next thing you know Rhonda’s husband and dad were building a rotisserie. Then came the firewall. It turned out that Ron had always liked the smooth look, so more fabbing was done, and while there, he decided to hide the wiper motor behind the fender. Then Ron figured that since the drivetrain was out, it was the perfect time to update it with a Turn Key LS6 and Tremec 5-speed trans. To the uninitiated, that would sound like the end, but gearheads are rarely happy with the status quo. So after some road time, Ron decided he needed more power. Before long, a polished Magnacharger was dropped on top of the LS6. After sitting in Rhonda’s ’10, Ron decided that he wanted those seats as well. Being a good daughter, Rhonda tracked down a set. With some work, they were eventually grafted to the ’67s interior. Rhonda recalled, “He loves to drive it!! We’ve been on the Hot Rod Power Tour, Holley LSFest, Goodguys shows, and many local events. I take a lot of pride and joy in helping him with this car.”

 camp 1107 05 1987 Iroc Camaro Red Ss 2/6


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