2010 Chevy Camaro - Warranty Killer

Terry and Kristie Cramer’s Fifth-Gen Camaro Has Low Miles and Lots of Power.

Tommy Lee Byrd May 1, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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Out back, the rearend is stock, but pretty much everyone involved in the buildup agrees that the car will need better half shafts if Terry ever decides to bolt on a set of sticky tires. He’ll cross that bridge when he gets there. The Camaro’s unibody structure is stiffened with a pair of Hotchkis subframe connectors, while the car’s altitude is adjusted with a set of H&R lowering springs. Stock brakes ride on all four corners, and hide behind massive 22-inch wheels, which are made by Forgiato and measure 9 1/2 inches up front and 11 inches out back. Nitto Z-rated rubber offers a wide contact patch, but the short sidewall does little for traction when it’s straight-line go-time.

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Another visual aesthetic added by the Cramers is the RKSport ground effects kit, which features a custom front valance, side skirts and valances for each side of the rear bumper. Mark Wilson is responsible for laying down the matching silver paint on the new body panels, as well as the antenna. Inside, the Camaro is all stock aside from the custom gauge pod, which was made by the owner and painted by Mark Wilson. The gauge pod rides between the dash and console and houses three digital GlowShift gaugesboost, fuel pressure, and air/fuel ratio.

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Though it still retains many of its original components, Terry and Kristie’s Camaro has plenty of custom flair, and lots of power to back it up. Jason and Shane at Top End Fabrication put in lots of hours to piece the turbo system together, and the result is a custom kit that squeezes every ounce of power from the stock LS3. Now that the car is on the road, Terry and Kristie share driving duties and quickly figured out that traction is an issue as soon as boost comes into the picture. Future plans call for another set of wheels and tires that would help hook up the turbocharged power plant. With only 2,015 miles on it at the time of our photo shoot, Terry and Kristie are currently enjoying their newly finished Camaro and agree that completely voiding the car’s warranty was totally worth it!

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To say this Camaro has a distinct sound would be a major understatement.

The end result is a car that handles much better, has 580 hp at the rear wheels, and looks wicked, too.


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