April 2011 Readers' Rides

Pro Touring Standout
It's not too often that we see many Pro Touring-style '81 Camaros, so when Joe Martz from Hanover, Pennsylvania, sent us these photos of his sweet looking second-gen, we had no choice but to include it in our special Readers' Rides issue.

Camp_1104_08_o 1998_chevy_camaro Second_gen_camaro 2/12

Joe is a second-gen guy through and through. In fact, before owning this one, a pretty beat '78 was his ride of choice. "My first one was so rough, I finally replaced it with this one," said Joe. "On Thanksgiving Day in 2008, I began a full restoration. Except for some wiring, every piece has been taken apart and either cleaned up or replaced."

As mentioned, the car lies heavily on the Pro Touring theme, so a Tremec five-speed Hurst Driveline Conversions trans along with a Dana 60 rearend stuffed with 3:73 gears from DTS handle everything the ZZ 502 can dish out. Suspension upgrades from Global West include front coilovers, subframe connectors, lower leaf springs out back, and QA1 shocks. The ensemble brings the ride height down a comfortable 2 inches and 18-inch Foose Legendary Wheels wrapped in BFGoodrich KDW rubber reside on all four corners. For stoppers, Wilwood 13-inch discs handle the brunt of the work up front and 12-inchers fill in the rear.

Slathered in Cadet Blue with silver stripes, the exterior stage is set, and with a plethora of performance and visual upgrades, this car easily stands out from most any late second-gen on the streets. As Joe points out, "This car is a driver, not a trailer queen. And it drives just as good as it looks."

Plan Of Attack
When Dave Alexander bought this '67 back in 1982 he didn't have a real plan of what do with it besides drive and enjoy it. In fact, he kept it "as is" until it was sold in 1986. But that was a decision he regretted, and in 1987 he bought it back. Recently, after claiming he was corrupted by this very magazine, he decided to turn the car into a good Pro Touring ride. Of course, we think he was somewhat led down this performance path by his 17-year-old stepson, Dawson. In any event, the pair plans on transforming the Camaro, and have been steadily amassing a pile of parts including a March pulley system, Tremec five-speed, DSE speed kit, Chassisworks rear g-Link system, and a set of Baer T4 brakes. Dave was pushing to keep the gen-I small-block, but Dawson is leaning towards an LS7, and we're thinking he's going to win on that one, too.

Camp_1104_09_o 1998_chevy_camaro 1967_camaro 3/12

Work In Progress
Like many of us car guys, Don Hendrick's progress on his ride is tempered by available time to tinker and limited cash flow. He's had this super-clean '69 for seven years, and over that time has been steadily chipping away at getting it into shape. The suspension has been upgraded, front and rear, with wares from Hotchkis, and Don has rebuilt the 350 with a forged crank, rods, and Mahle pistons. "She ran several 13.7s my first time at the track, but next time I plan on having a B&M shifter to help keep her in the 6,000rpm power band," remarked Don. And while he considers his '69 to be a "plain Jane" we think it's pretty killer as is.

Camp_1104_10_o 1998_chevy_camaro 1969_camaro 4/12

Brooke Suslak is fully behind her boyfriend Greg Giroux's automotive addiction. In fact, she's so proud of his Camaro that she sent us this posed snap. Greg's '00 SS is motivated by a forged 402-inch Scoggin Dickey LS2, which puts 515 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque to the wheels when fed a little nitrous. Other engine mods include Kooks 1.75-inch long tubes, a FAST 90mm intake, and AFR 245 heads. A Moser 12-bolt wrangles the power to the pavement, and a pair of Magnaflow mufflers helps quell the noise police. The suspension has been worked over with a slew of parts from UMI, Hotchkis, and Bilstein with Baer providing the stopping power when needed. Hey Greg, we think Brooke is a real keeper!

Camp_1104_11_o 1998_chevy_camaro 2000_ss_camaro 5/12


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