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Ben Hermance Apr 1, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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I've had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of 2010 Chevy Camaro projects since they started hitting showroom floors. Some are simple striping packages, others are design proposals for body kits, and a few fit in the category of: Holy crap, you did that to a brand new Camaro? Yep, I did.

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However, it's great to get involved in design projects where I work closely with a client to pick out just the right aftermarket components, wheels, and to lay out a graphic scheme that enhances the look of the car without going overboard. Balance is crucial to a great design.

When I got involved with Yancy Johns' Camaro Performers magazine project car (CP-28), he had already selected some great-looking carbon-fiber parts from Anvil Auto and Seibon. My effort started with wheel selection, and these 20-inch Boze Forged Mesh wheels fit the bill nicely. They have brushed centers and polished lips that look great with the Silver Ice paint.

Speaking of paint, we wanted to keep some of the carbon fiber exposed to show it off as an accent to the Silver. Yancy and I agreed that center stripes look great on these hoods; the trick was to include the heat extractor vents at the rear of the hood. I easily solved that problem by walking the stripe out towards the windshield to engulf the vents. To show off the carbon wing and trunk lid, a continuation of the center stripe just made sense. Bordering the stripes is a thin red pinstripe that matches the brake calipers and ties the whole car together. A new grille and badging was added to finish it off. The result is a clean and aggressive look that emphasizes all the new carbon-fiber parts in a modern way that fits the design of the car.




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