1972 Chevy Camaro Z28 - Yellow Jacket

The Sting Is Just As Nasty As Its Growl.

Eric McClellan Apr 1, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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Interior-wise, the stock seats entertain a fresh covering in a true, classic motif. Custom cloth inserts were sewn into the vinyl to give a subtle dual-tone appearance. Perry peers through a Grant steering wheel, and utilizes Autometer Pro Comp gauges to monitor engine vitals. The Cheetah Turbo Action shifter makes short work of high line pressure shifts. Perry installed the Jeg's brand roll cage himself. He also set up an Alpine CD player with Alpine 6x9 speakers-we presume though, it's just for show. We figure the exhaust note is all the music he needs to find that happy place.

Camp_1104_07_o 1972_chevy_camaro_z28 Rear_left 2/15

"My wife calls it the 'Yellow Bitch' 'cause it eats up everything on the road. I've yet to lose on the street!" Boasts Perry. "My wife is also good for more than just nicknames and color picks, too. She even helped out with hanging the doors. I found it very difficult to complete a car all on my own; I always seem to call on someone."

Camp_1104_10_o 1972_chevy_camaro_z28 Racing_stripes 3/15

In the end, Perry's swap from a pristine '61 Falcon to a beat-up, ratty '72 Z28 with a blown-up engine proved to have done him well. Even as it sat, tired and needing a lot of love, we can tell who got the better end of that deal.

After we shot this helluva cool big-block Camaro, we learned that Perry had a wicked stroke that knocked him out of commission for a few days. Hang in there buddy, we need more guys like you out here building more sweet ground pounders just like this.

Special thanks to Phil Gagne of the Pig's Eye Brewing Company for free reign of his killer brewery to showcase this badass car.




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