1969 Chevy Camaro - Throwin' Heat

Pro Skateboarder Josh Kalis' '69 DC Camaro Is, Quite Simply, An Awesome Ride.

John Nelson Apr 1, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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Lest one forget in the prism of radicalized Camaro body lines, this F-body contains a whole lot of motor. ASP created a quintessential American powerplant with all the flavor of anything you'd find under the bonnet of the most brutal autobahn attack weapon. All Speed assembled 408 ci worth of turbo-ready LS motor, filled with the toughest of innards: ARP main studs capping an Eagle 4340 forged crank and rods and top-shelf Arias pistons that bring in a boost-friendly 8.5:1 compression ratio when topped with Dart Pro 1 CNC heads. The hydraulic valvetrain is all Comp, with a secret cam recipe created by Moat who also programmed the FAST components that handle induction duties: specifically, an LSX Big Mouth intake with a 92mm throttle body, and an XFI Electronic Fuel Injection setup. An XMI Ignition Module activates MSD coil packs mounted on Kline aluminum valve covers to fire off the mixture, and believe us when we say there's plenty of mixture to burn.

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Credit the mechanical knowledge Brian gained from his father, who owned several service stations, and credit the high-performance experience he's gained over the years, much of it through sand drag racing, but All Speed Performance prides itself on providing the ultimate in one-stop hi-po shopping. Accordingly, Moat and his crew created the custom twin-turbo setup that sucks mass quantities of fuel and air into the LS' maw. ASP based the system on a Bullseye Power model S366 compressor with the waste gate set for 8 psi, but everything else, the labyrinth of turbo headers, intercoolers, inlet tubes and everything heading back to the 3-inch Magnaflow crossover exhaust system, was created in house. Kalis wanted a turbo motor for it's power characteristics-he wanted every bit of the 760 hp and 800 lb-ft made at the system's low boost setting-just not all at once. The rising tide as the turbo spools up suits him, peaking at 6,100 rpm for both horsepower and torque, and is put through a Rockland Standard Gear "Son of Transzilla" T-56 by way of a Ram Twin disc setup clutch activated by a McLeod pressure plate and linked to the LS by a Quick Time Inc. bellhousing back to a limited-slip-equipped, 3.55:1-geared rearend built by Scott's Custom Rears.

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Of course, whether American Pro Tourer or European GT-style car, running triple digit speeds means the thing has to have its act together in the braking and turning departments. While Kalis' Camaro isn't meant to be a track car, as many of its ilk seem to be these days, this F-body handles its business. Speed Tech Performance got the nod for one of its trick front subframes, allowing plenty of clearance for king-sized front rubber (Nitto NT05s, 245/40ZR18 wrapped around 8.5-inch iForged Neo hoops) and filled with adjustable QA1 coilovers, rack-and-pinion steering, and 14-inch rotors clamped by Wilwood six-piston calipers powered by a master cylinder from the same. Out back, Detroit Speed's ubiquitous QUADRALink arrangement was employed, filled out by 12-inch, four-piston Wilwood binders and Koni adjustable shocks-front and rear subsets are tied together via DSE subframe connectors for a rigid, highway-eating platform. Complementary DSE mini-tubs are in place as well, allowing room for the large by huge 335/30ZR19 NT05s, wrapped around 12-inch Neo hoops.

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