1969 Chevy Camaro - Throwin' Heat

Pro Skateboarder Josh Kalis' '69 DC Camaro Is, Quite Simply, An Awesome Ride.

John Nelson Apr 1, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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The cockpit is more updated American classic than Teutonic, consisting of Cobra black leather buckets fitted with Simpson four-point harnesses, a Marquez fiberglass dash and door panels covered in black leather and suede by ASP (yeah, they do upholstery, too), combined with stock '69 Camaro black carpet. It's also got a face full of AutoMeter carbon-fiber gauges, with boost and air/fuel ratio gauges, a Sparco Lap 5 wheel, and a Twist Machine lever to row the gears. The stereo is extensive, consisting of an XO Vision 1946T head unit, along with Digital Design front and rear speakers, subwoofer, and amp. Installation was by Excessive Audio, and we're guessing they're appropriately named. The shifter, stereo, and FAST Touch Screen Dash Data Loggers are all contained in another custom ASP piece, the center console. And lest we forget, there's a four-point rollbar, treated in the oven by Monarch Powder Coating, which handled all such duties on this project.

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As if they hadn't done enough, All Speed Finished it off with Gunmetal PPG paint, about the most perfect highway warrior color we can think of, including rally stripes replete with the logo of Josh's sponsor, DC Shoes. DC once featured Josh in a commercial with the theme "Definitions Challenged." Google it, and you can see Kalis doing his signature move, a 360 kick flip. It's worth a look. But the idea can easily be applied to this build: Just how do you define this car? All Speed's Brian Moat calls it the ultimate driving car, "unbelievably quiet" and "so smooth" on its maiden voyage from Las Vegas to its new home in SoCal, pulling down 20 mpg when disposing of pavement at just-below triple digit speeds. Josh Kalis, who feels safer skating than driving because there's "no dancing around anything in the car," has reportedly settled his issues in a head-to-head meeting with his nemesis Viper Joe, who's supercharged snake was thoroughly beaten in a series of 70-180-mph contests, giving him the "freeway killer" he's long lusted for. In either case, this is one '69 Camaro that's locked in and capable of handling just about anything running on what passes for the American autobahn. In skate-speak, locked-in means "to maximize a ride." Looks to us like it means the same thing in gearhead speak.

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(The author wishes to thank skateboardingdictionary.com for helping a "geek" with his skateboard lingo.)




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