Top 10 Camaros Of The Year - Best Of The Best

With Long Intense Staff Meetings And Input From Our Readers, We Bring You The Best Camaros Of 2010.

Owner: Jeg Coughlin Jr.
Car: 2001 Intimidator SS Camaro
Issue: January 2010
Photographer: Nick Licata

Dale Earnhardt Sr. was the most kick-ass, no-nonsense NASCAR driver of his day-many would argue the greatest in the sport's history. He built his reputation on doing whatever it took to win-which he did often. So, when he decided to get behind the limited edition Berger/GMMG Intimidator SS Camaro, the car would no doubt reflect Earnhardt's style. The sinister-looking cars feature a combination of old-school cues in a late-model hot rod. Dale was insistent on using 17x9-inch American 200S wheels, and the Hurst short-throw shifter and silver-faced gauges reflect Earnhardt's classic Winston Cup Monte Carlo. Rated at 371 hp, the idea was to build late-model street-friendly muscle cars. And that's just what they are.

Camp_1102_14_o Top_10_camaros_of_the_year 2001_ss_camaro 2/27

As luck would have it, and being huge Earnhardt fans (Jr. and Sr.), Jeg Coughlin Jr. and his brother Mike were on a personal tour of Earnhardt's shop one day prior to the Intimidator's unveiling. That enabled them to get a sneak peek at a prototype. They were instantly sold and were the first to order up one each of the limited production rides.

Prior to this photo shoot, Jeg's Intimidator had just 316 miles on the clock. It's a true sign that Jeg's Intimidator is a collector's piece. With just 83 built, and only 33 sporting signed gauges by Dale Earnhardt (he died before signing all 83), we'd say this is one car to hold on to.

Owner: Larry Callahan
Car: 1968 Camaro
Issue: January 2010
Photographer: Robert McGaffin

In March of 2000, Larry Callahan's Camaro wasn't road worthy, but his website was cooking right along. He started the site in 2000 with the purpose of posting photos of his project as it progressed. As time marched on, the site began to haul ass-his Camaro, not so much. Up until 2008, the car was just a pile of pieces in his garage. With little time to work on the car, motivation, or lack of it, became an issue. Fortunately, a core member of the community, Frank Serafine of Prodigy Customs, offered to build the car and display it at the 2008 SEMA show. Needless to say, Larry shipped the car 2,200 miles for the overhaul. Forty-two days later, MotiV8r debuted at SEMA with a Dart Little M 407ci mill sporting twin Turbonetics 60-1 HI-FI Turbos. Larry's hot rod is now one of the most recognized Pro Touring Camaros on the road today. The story alone is enough to make our list, but this beautiful piece must be seen in person to be truly appreciated.

Camp_1102_15_o Top_10_camaros_of_the_year 1968_camaro 3/27

Car: 1992 Camaro
Owner: Tom Nichols
Issue: February 2010
Photographer: Eric McClellan

We get tons of emails regarding the lack of third-generation Camaros gracing the pages of Camaro Performers magazine. Thankfully, Tom Nichols of Arden Hills, Minnesota, was able to purchase a fallen hero's Camaro and rebuild far beyond its past glory. That hero: his father. The car: his father's '92 Camaro.

Camp_1102_17_o Top_10_camaros_of_the_year 1992_camaro 4/27

While flipping through the pages of the Auto Trader, a seemingly familiar '92 caught Tom's eye. To make a long story short, an elderly couple had bought it from Tom's family estate sale years earlier, but could no longer manage working the clutch pedal, so they put it up for sale. Needless to say, Tom purchased the car, and over the period of a few years, restored and rejuvenated it the way he thought his father would have. With an LT1 massaged to a 383, this gorgeous third-gen now makes 449 hp to the tires.

The story alone makes this car worthy as one of our Best of the Best picks, but the beautiful job Tom has done on this car solidifies a spot on our list.

Car: 1967 RS Camaro
Owner: James Shipka
Issue: February 2010
Photographer: Steven Rupp

James Shipka's '67 is quite possibly the poster car for what the Pro Touring movement is all about. It's built with many of the creature comforts featured in a modern car, its high-end suspension rivals that of any late-model sports car, and the 427ci LS7 belts out over 603 hp and 564 lb-ft of torque. The paint is immaculate, but James drives the crap out of it anyway. He races it almost every chance he gets. Case in point: in 2010 alone he's competed in the Silver State Classic, Nevada Open Road Challenge, One Lap of America, the Optima Street Car Invitational, and numerous other road course and autocross events.

Camp_1102_19_o Top_10_camaros_of_the_year 1967_rs_camaro 5/27

James' ride is proof that those folks up in the Great White North know how to do Camaros. Follow the One Lap Camaro at Better yet, check it out when it comes to a town near you. But hurry; this '67 doesn't sit around very long.

Car: 1969 Camaro
Owner: Jason Stavola
Issue: May 2010
Photographer: Nick Licata

Detroit Speed Inc. is known for engineering the most functional suspension systems on the road for classic muscle cars. Starting with Camaros, they've worked their way through most of GM's classic muscle car lineup and bolted up their high-end components right where they need to be to make a vintage Chevy handle like a modern car. What some might not know is that they also build some of the baddest, show-winning, turnkey hot rods on the planet. Jason Stavola knew this and had the crew at DSE build this immaculate '69. It features a glass-like, high-gloss black finish and yes, it's loaded with all the trick DSE suspension components. Baer's 14-inch rotors and 6S six-piston calipers ride on each corner to tame the 560-plus ponies to a halt in a jiffy.

Camp_1102_20_o Top_10_camaros_of_the_year 1969_camaro 6/27

We hear Jason and his '69 often lurk in the streets of New Jersey and have no problem exercising the fact that it's one bad hombre.


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