Top 10 Camaros Of The Year - Best Of The Best

With Long Intense Staff Meetings And Input From Our Readers, We Bring You The Best Camaros Of 2010.

We introduced our Top 10 Camaros of the year two years ago. Typically assembled in the February issue, it's a collection of elite cars that we feel deserve one more look before we head into the New Year and begin focusing on what's ahead. It has become somewhat of a tradition, and in the process, has developed into one of our most popular newsstand issues of the year.

Camp_1102_01_o Top_10_camaros_of_the_year Fifth_gen_camaro 2/27

For the two previous "Best Of" issues, the Camaro Performers magazine staff held closed-door meetings and dissected about 40 car features as criteria to decide the 10 Best Camaros of that year. We actually picked out 11 because we couldn't agree on which one to throw back. Unfortunately, the same thing happened this year, only worse: since we consider every car featured in Camaro Performers magazine to be special in some way, whittling down the list was a highly difficult task. Suffice it to say, picking just 10 cars that deserved special mention was more cumbersome than in years previous, so we went ahead and chose 12 and decided to call this elite group the Best of the Best. To be completely honest, choosing just 12 cars wasn't enough, either, so we went with a "baker's dozen" and picked out 13 of the best Camaros of 2010.

Camp_1102_02_o Top_10_camaros_of_the_year Black_second_gen_camaro 3/27

The deciding factors that drove these special rides into consideration vary from car to car, but keep in mind big dollar builds don't automatically make the grade here. In some cases a badass demeanor, sheer attitude, and wicked horsepower were enough to pump any given Camaro up the ladder.

Camp_1102_03_o Top_10_camaros_of_the_year Custom_camaro 4/27

With those factors taken into account, this year's "Best of the Best" was carefully assembled by the Camaro Performers magazine staff, John the lunch truck guy, and a few sales people who were roaming the halls when we needed a "tie-breaker" decision. We even got the guys from Street Rodder magazine, with whom we share the same office space, to put in their two cents.

But seriously, it takes some amazing talent, great ideas, and years of experience to put together a car that looks better or can out-perform the one parked next door. So this elite collection of Camaros is dedicated to those who went that extra mile and paid special attention to the little details that make their car stand out from the masses.

Camp_1102_04_o Top_10_camaros_of_the_year Third_gen_camaro 5/27

We really enjoy hearing from our readers, so if you feel we missed the mark on some of our picks, feel free to write us and express your opinions at




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