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One Man's Take On Modern Car Building.

Ro McGonegal Feb 1, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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Fred loves creature comforts, especially ones that he can dissect, modify, and reattach in his mind's eye before he lifts the first finger to do it. How do you stuff a complete Gen-4 Camaro dashboard (air bags included) into a car that was never meant to have it? Thing looks like it grew there like moonlight mushrooms. Would its generous proportions help or hinder the car's appearance and impact? You tell us. We think it looks grand and is a milestone of sorts. The bundles of wiring seemed endless. It's probably got three times as much as the stock configuration, a daunting task to say the least (check out the build on www.altronics.com/camaro).

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He took the power seats from a late-model GTO and gave them to "Stitch" at Voodoo Larry Customs in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Voodoo also did the rear seat with the same black leather. Rod Doors (roddoors.com) came across with a new headliner that Voodoo stretched in place. Fred and Marquez Design worked on the streamlined door and side panels. Electric Life enabled power window lifts and remote door locks. Lokar pedals give some spark to the density in the foot well and Fred pushes and pulls a McLeod shifter wagging from the customized '02 console. Cool air wafting? Right, a Vintage Air Gen-4 Magnum HVAC system.

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We think that Fred may be a bit more smitten with his audio hall, his specialty. First, he hid the radio antenna under the dash. A DSE battery mount kit sits in the trunk, filled with an Optima Red Top. Good thing-Fred's to-the-moon Kenwood sound system includes a head unit, 4-channel and mono amps, 6-inch speakers in the doors and custom-built pillars, 6x9 speakers in the deck, and 10-inch sub-woofers in a custom-built box. At this time, Fred also secreted the PCM in the front wheel housing.

Camp_1102_14_o 1969_chevy_camaro Interior 4/18

It took our protagonist two and half years to bring his car together. Has he any plans for the future? As Fred might say, "That's nunya business."




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