'68 Camaro X - January 2011 Camaro Concepts

Eric Brockmeyer Jan 1, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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Here we have a highly modified '68 Camaro just ready to rip it up on track day. The idea was to stay as far away from a subtle boulevard cruiser as possible, and to depict an insanely aggressive and bold first-gen street machine. These cars have great proportions to begin with, but to get that slammed-down slot car look, I drew widened quarter panels and fenders, then drew the wheel well openings enlarged and moved up slightly while the front wheels have been moved forward a couple inches. The roof line has been lowered and the front end slopes down sharper into a grille opening that is reduced in height for a more aerodynamic look. The lower front air dam is completely custom and ready to take in as much air as possible with a carbon-fiber splitter to finish it off. The hood is a custom carbon-fiber piece that goes all the way back to the windshield, deleting the cowl vent panel. Modern headlights are recessed back into the modified grille opening to create an ominous and stealthy attitude. I picture this thing really haulin' ass, so an adjustable carbon wing on the back will keep it planted during hard cornering at speed.

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