1988 Chevy Camaro - Orange Crush

It Hooks Well And Goes Down Smooth!

Eric McClellan Jan 1, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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One of the unique features of this bitchin' Camaro is the setup and how well it's dialed in for the track. We witnessed car after car in Mike's class of Real Street Eliminator doing massive, crowd-pleasing wheelies. In contrast, Mike's Camaro quietly squatted and rattled off quick times all day long.

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All that quiet confidence comes in the form of a well-tuned suspension. Up front, Mike runs stock spindles but uses PA Racing's chromoly A-arms. He also uses QA1 double adjustable shocks and matching springs on all four corners. A PA Racing chromoly K-member keeps the car's weight down where it counts: up front. Out back, a Spohn adjustable chromoly torque arm coupled with a Spohn chromoly panhard bar help keep the back end from walking out beside him in a fit of lead-foot syndrome.

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Putting the power to the pavement comes in the form of Billet Specialties Street Lites wheels measuring 17x7 in the front and 15x10 in the rear. The fronts are wrapped in 215/50 R17 Capital UHP tires while the rears weigh in at a beefy 295/65 R15 drag radial made by Mickey Thompson. Bear front and rear brakes come in at 13-inch and 11 1/2-inch, respectively.

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The interior is all business with very little frills. Mike installed a 10-point S&W Race Cars chromoly cage for safety, rated for 8.50 passes down the 1320. A pair of cloth Kirkey race seats keep Mike well grounded and the CD player blasting through Infinity Kappa speakers keeps the car a-rockin.' He installed the Turbo Action Cheetah SCS shifter to mate perfectly to the stock center console. The addition of an Exile Turbo MSBC-1 boost controller and a FAST XFI touch screen gauge cluster and data logger help maintain motor health and monitor important vitals.

The exterior is where Mike likes to puff his chest. "Appearance-wise, I wouldn't change a thing," he says. "The most unique thing about this car is the paint and bodywork, which I did myself." Mike chose a classic Camaro color of Hugger Orange, using Glasurit 55 line paint. He then sprayed the VFN 4-inch liftoff hood and body with a pair of black stripes. Those aren't vinyl repops he put on his car; he makes us all aware, "that's all paint."

Camp_1101_09_o 1988_chevy_camaro Right_side 5/22

Who knows what this car will be in five years time. Maybe he'll install a flux capacitor and go so fast he'll blast back in time. Whatever Mike and Lina turn the car into, we know damn well it will be one bitchin' Camaro!


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