1969 Chevy Camaro - Red Devil

Stielow Ups The Ante On Pro Touring.

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Though the stock LS9 ignition provides more than enough zap, the product of combustion is drawn to the outside by Kook's headers featuring 1 7/8-inch primary pipes. It flows through an X-pipe, Borla mufflers, and 3-inch stainless steel system. The dyno sheet that accompanied Mark's notes indicates 760 hp at 6,600 rpm and 810 lb-ft of animal torque at 3,900 rpm. At 2,500 rpm engine speed, torque is more than 600 lb-ft. One thousand rpm later, and you're now shoeing 800. How's that for flexibility and instant reflex?

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Throttling this much grunt on macadam is neigh impossible unless the driver is absolutely diligent on launch. Stielow is used to the terror hidden beneath the metal of his of '69 Camaros, so for him it's not much more than buckling up and motoring away. The real test is being able to drive out of turns straight and true with nothing more than haze from the 335s. D&D Performance fixed Mark up with a bullet-proof T56 taking torque from a Lingenfelter billet-steel flywheel and accompanying pressure plate in conjunction with LS9 twin clutch discs. A Dynatech aluminum driveshaft links the six-speed with the Currie 9-inch (TrueTrac helical-gear differential, 3.25:1 ring-and-pinion).

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Where do you put a drivetrain as formidable as this? You could reinvent the wheel, or you could go straight to one of the most popular vendors in the Pro Touring realm. DSE sent spindles, upper and lower control arms, rack steering, a 1 1/4-inch bar, and its adjustable coilover shock absorbers at the nose cone. On the smoke-and- ash end, a complete DSE backdrop-QUADRALink 4-bar suspension, coilover adjustables, subframe connectors, and a hollow 1 1/8-inch bar. It's the job of all this stuff to tax hell out of the tires, so you'll need some big ones, pally. In this story, the Red Devil wears lightweight Fikse Profil 5S forgings that are 10 inches at the front and 12.5 inches at the back. Rubber accompanying is Michelin PSII, 275/35 and 335/30, respectively. Alternatively, the Devil sometimes spins Forgeline GA3 wheels shod with BFG KDW tires and dimensions identical to the Fikse/Michelin combination. The killer icing is the ABS system adapted from the LS9 Corvette. To our knowledge, this is first "hot rod" to be blessed with such an endowment. Watch for more of these conversions. They could become the darling of Pro Touring.

Stielow spends his daylight hours as an engineer at GM. His engineer buddy, Ryan Kuhlenbeck, does too. Ryan had been working on the Chevy Volt launch and Stielow had to go to Korea three times last spring. Do these guys sleep? Stielow says, "Needless to say, we were a bit busy. I sent all the body parts to Dutch Boys Hot Rods in Vicksburg, Michigan, manned by father Joe and 19-year-old son Paul VanNus-avid hot rodders, the both of 'em." The VanNus duo massaged the parts carefully, endlessly, and then Joe blew on the Standox VW Salsa Red, stepped back, wiped his brow, and turned out the lights.

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The car's man cave is Stielow-esque. It's tuxedo sharp and formally understated; all controls and levers are within arm and peripheral range, and nothing is in there that doesn't need to be. There are creature comforts; Stielow has spent way too much time sweating inside out, hence the Vintage Air HVAC system. Mark also craved audio to the max. He's got an Alpine setup but that's all we know about it. The door panels are GM repro. The steering wheel is a Sparco product. A shifter from a '06 CTS-V pulls the gears. Mark keeps tabs on the mechanicals via a bank of Auto Meter instruments sunk into a DSE dash panel. On the street and track, the ten-point cage and five-point Schroth safety harness plant Mark's gluteus maximus firmly in the high-zoot Recaro suede/leather seats. All the interior work was finished by the crew at All American Upholstery in Romulus, Michigan.

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