1978 Chevy Camaro - Sentenced

Jeff Faffler Has Had This '78 Camaro For A Quarter-Century And Is Looking Forward To Another 25 Years To Life Behind The Wheel.

Eric McClellan Dec 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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By 1990, the stock 350 motor was tired and in need of replacement. Jeff balanced his options and went for a 350ci crate motor from Chevrolet. After the install, Jeff entered the car into his first car show. He wound up winning the Outstanding in Class trophy.

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Jeff slowly added new parts and chrome as he saw fit and as the car needed. "When I had to replace my engine, it was a good opportunity to add some chrome!" He says. Jeff has always been captivated by the look and the shine of chrome. He was judicious when adding pieces, making sure to not overdo it. "I love chrome but you have to be careful because sometimes you can have too much. That's why I also have gloss black and some red in my engine compartment," he says.

Other improvements included replacing the TH350 tranny in place of a 700-R4 to make it a highway cruiser. Each year, Jeff disassembles one part of the car, completely blows it apart, paints it, and hangs it with care. This is probably why you won't find a single nut out of place or a solitary scratched piece. It's this kind of detail that keeps a car in top shape.

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Jeff scoffs at those who call it a trailer queen because he knows cars are meant to be driven and wouldn't be caught dead in a cushy enclosed trailer.

Jeff celebrated his 25th car-versary of blissful Camaro ownership this year. You might catch him rolling with his buddies in the Northstar Camaro Club or you might just catch him standing next to his über rock-solid-sparkling Camaro. Either way, you know exactly what he'll be driving for the next 25 years!

Here's to you Jeff-keep the shiny side up!


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