1969 Camaro SS Convertible - Dropping The Top

What An Airline Pilot Dreams About ...

Ro McGonegal Dec 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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The popular notion is that project cars never do get finished. Matt's of a like mind. The future calls for a functional roll bar and harness "in the style of the Year One Camaro." Matt hankers for seat warmers and electric window lifts ... and a better display in the quarter-mile. "With the worst driving ever, I still ran a 12.1 at 112. I spun badly in Second gear, let off, got back on it and then completely skipped Fourth, so I know it's a solid eleven-second car.

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Although infected by the obsession when just a youth, Matt didn't get his first serious hot rod until he turned 30, in the spring of '00, so remembering his best experience in his car wasn't that difficult. "It's a tie between my first auto-cross event at Pigeon Forge and my first time drag racing the car at Mason-Dixon Dragway. Both were so much fun that I can't put it in words."

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Yes you did, Matt. Fun is the only thing that matters.




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