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Along with the introduction of the fifth-generation Camaro came concepts of what it would look like in race trim. GM designers created the most aggressive of the modern muscle cars and it naturally lent itself to the world of racing. So far, we've seen the new Camaro in varying roles, from drag racer to road course carver. What we haven't seen yet is what the fifth-gen might look like if it was put into service for a reincarnated racing series-the International Race of Champions (IROC).

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If IROC made it back, the new Camaro would definitely be the heavy favorite in the field of cars vying for the opportunity to represent the series. In this concept rendering, Camaro Performers magazine and I have thrown out some ideas as to how a possible IROC-prepped Camaro would look for the '11 season.

Since the races for our hypothetical '11 season will be run in the United States on a combination of speedways and road courses, the IROC cars will be prepped similarly to Sprint Cup cars. Limited underbody aerodynamics will be allowed, so a low chin, adjustable splitter, and side skirts keep the airflow underneath to a minimum. Steelies and slicks handle the banked ovals and road courses with similar ease. The round exhaust routed through the side skirts is more akin to a LeMans GT1 car, but the resulting flames will please the crowds at the nighttime races.

•Tavis Highlander




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