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1967 Camaro RS - One Good Turn

The Perfect Ten ...

Mary Pozzi Oct 1, 2010
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I can dream, right? I've stretched laws of physics and abused tires in a lot of amazing Camaros, but there are ten I haven't driven that are part of my "must drive before I die" list. Each month I read about cool cars I'd love to drive. Getting the owners to let me hammer the snot out of them could be another story but no harm in trying, right? In no particular order, here's my Ten ...

Camp_1010_01_o 1967_camaro_rs Camaro 2/2

Bumblebee. No, not a wannabe on a dealership floor but the real-deal, hot yellow Transformers Gen-V Camaro. I want to look like Megan Fox, too, and stunt-drive in some kick-ass scenes with Shia LaBoeuf riding shotgun. He's pretty cute. I'm putting both on my Christmas wish list.

Taz. Hey, Milt!! Just wanted to let you know you've got the best C Prepared Solo Camaro out there even though it hasn't won anything. Itching for an autocross drive for two years now, I've thrown down hints like darts attacking a bull's-eye. Dude, I can wheel a car-really well, too! How can I get your attention, hire a frickin' flying billboard? Take out a full-page ad in Camaro Performers? You want money? You want me to shed clothes? If you're smart, you'll take the cash.

Big Red. Two hundred and twenty-two frickin' miles an hour on a lonely Nevada highway! Incredible, amazing, and you got it done with sheer power and brawn, yet looked impressive every single mile of the way. You'd think they'd hold a parade but no, they threw your big red butt in a car museum so curious peeps could talk smack about you. That's just wrong as you kicked ass in ways that no other Camaro ever will. Magazines wrote about you and made you legendary; every Pro Touring build owes its lug nuts to you. Hell yes, I want a go behind the wheel and perhaps your owner will humor me. Er, what? Was that a no? Man, that was quick.

C1-RS Corvette. Okay, so it's not a Camaro, but who cares? Even though I drove it once last year, I want my mulligan. I have excuses and good ones, too. The seat didn't fit, the pedals didn't fit ... hell, nothing fit, but I'll take my do-over anyway. It's like having that second piece of frosted chocolate cake, and as I told someone what it was like to drive the Roadster Shop's Vette, "It was cooler than you'd ever thought. Take your wildest expectations and times it by 10." Writing this now, I feel the same way.

MotiV8r. I want to drive this Camaro just once. I want to mat the skinny pedal and feel the 'V8r plant my butt in the seat when those eight butterflies kick open with twin-turbo's flying full song. I want to do this on a very straight road with no speed limit and no cops ... and with a fully-charged fire extinguisher, perhaps two.

A Stielow Camaro. Mark Stielow has built a veritable F-body smorgasbord and if my feet were held to the fire, I'll take Jackass. Mark's responsible for the design and wrench twisting that built this amazing yellow '69 while Charley Lillard writes the checks to keep the Camaro in kick-ass form. I'd give someone's left testicle for some autocross seat time and don't try and fool me with a Goodguys "peanut." I want to drive Jackass in a real autocross. One about 4.1 miles with long straights, fast corners, and thinly disguised as Road America.

Dale Jr's DSE-built '71. Your Camaro makes me want to write bad checks to DSE. The first time I saw pictures of it, I knew it was a "10." Hate to break the news, Dale, but teasing me with a Quaker State commercial isn't going to cut it. There's no desert or oily wild horses galloping off in North Carolina; I know my geography and own a real horse. You can make it right as there are some very cool Pro Touring events and your beast would fit right in. As you're kinda busy doing that NASCAR stuff, I'm willing to fly.

F-71 Hotchkis Camaro. I have no idea who owns this car now, but in 2002 it was the inspiration for my '73 build. John Hotchkis once thought very highly of this tangerine orange and white striped second-gen as it got all the unique go-fast, corner carving, stop 'til you drop goodie bits. Even the LS1 engine block ID was listed as "Hotchkis" and that's cool all in itself. After a year or two of faithful service, F-71 was sold to finance racing some boring Toyota Celica but I'd love to see how it stacks up to my car today.

Finch's Yellow Camaro. Yeah, I know it's a DSE clone, but lately it's been kicking gobs of sand in DSE's face. If Brian turns over the keys, we're stashing him in the DSE trailer bound and gagged as I want to see just how good this car is but don't want to clue him in where he's leaving those tenths on the course. He's fast enough as it is. I'll share my tips, Brian ... on Monday.

Dave Pozzi's 1967 Camaro RS. Currently leading the "jackstand" class, this car's going to be a winner on paper. The longer this one stays apart, the more cool stuff is being designed and built for it. I can't wait until it's done and even though Dave says I can't drive it, he'll cave as I've got an in. I sleep with the owner.



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