2010 Lingenfelter LS7 Chevy Camaro SS - Future Tense

Lingenfelter's LS7 Camaro SS Bridges The Past And Present Of Chevrolet Heritage With The Future Of American Muscle.

Mike Bumbeck Sep 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Taking a stock LS7 engine into the 750 hp range is not a job for the uninitiated. John Lingenfelter took a twin-turbo small-block into the 1,400 hp range and put it into a '89 Firebird for a crack at the 300 mph club out at Bonneville. Multiple bottles of nitrous in the trunk didn't go into the combustion chambers directly, but rather bathed the land speed car's intercoolers with super-cool gas to help the turbos do their thing. He made it to 298 on the salt, but proved that knowledge is indeed power. So it goes. The LPE 427ci LS7 under the hood of this Camaro squeezes the forged JE pistons at 8:8:1. The LS7 heads feature titanium intake valves and exhaust valves comprised of Inconel-an austenitic nickel-chromium based superalloy. High exhaust gas temperatures from boosted horsepower cannot defeat superalloy. A production LS7 crank sits at the heart of the small-block, with titanium rods connecting the assembly.

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At the top of the horsepower chain is the key to the LPE LS7 power. A Magnuson-Eaton TVS2300 supercharger is mated with a custom-fabricated LS7 cylinder head supercharger base manifold. The twin vortex gas huffer is twisted by LPE fabricated drive systems to add 8-10 psi of intercooled boost. Fuel goes in by way of a LPE Camaro SS twin-pump delivery system and exhaust goes out though Corsa stainless steel twice pipes with LPE custom tips. Left foot action works a LPE twin-disk clutch against a six-bolt LPE flywheel. Adjustable Lingenfelter-SACHS units dampen the Hotchkis Sport Suspension sprung LPE coilovers. Hotchkis antisway bars and a subframe brace hold it all together through the corners. A set of custom Lingenfelter design ten-spoke Forgeline wheels with Pirelli 275/40ZR20 tires on the front and Pirelli 305/35ZR20 the out back do their best to keep this monster glued to the tarmac. Heavy-duty Driveshaft shop half-shafts spin the rear wheels, and massive Brembo rotors and binders scrub off velocity. With the stepped-up underhood and chassis performance, LPE took to the exterior and interior of the '10 Camaro SS to a matching level. A front fascia splitter, rocker extensions, rear deck lip and spoiler, and rear fascia extension all work together for a lower, meaner-looking Camaro. A carbon-fiber grille works with the air extractors in the LPE hood to deliver on form and cooling function. Bringing some exterior into the cabin are a set of Muth turn signal sideview mirrors and a Mito rearview mirror with integrated video display. An LPE-Grant custom steering wheel joins LPE CNC-machined and branded pedal covers for stylish control. LPE floor mats and custom upholstery embroidering add some accent to the throwback interior. Finishing off the package are genuine Lingenfelter badges.

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The '10 LPE Camaro SS takes an iconic automobile with an already established groove in American history and combines with it the collective heritage of engineering and excellence achieved by company founder John Lingenfelter. Lingenfelter Performance Engineering not only built this SEMA show special, but also engineers, tests, and produces a vast array of high-performance technology from engine packages to turnkey vehicles. Ken Lingenfelter is carrying on the performance behind the Lingenfelter name from the past into the future. This 750hp Camaro SS is the proof.

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