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While hanging out with the guys, a lot of miscellaneous brainstorming gets tossed around. One afternoon after a few beers, someone had an idea that caught my attention: What if the new Camaro was modified to be a bit more retro? I really like the new 2010 Chevy Camaro-especially its proportions-but I wanted to take a shot at a more retro approach with the idea that it could be built. I started by exaggerating the "Coke bottle" shape and making the fender intersections softer, like on a '68, just because it looks really cool. I always loved the '69 RS grille, so here is a modern version with LED headlights. I also modified the front lower lights after the '69. The new hood takes a look at the '68 SS with functional air vents. It has a simple retro-inspired rear spoiler and brake-cooling rear gill vents. To top it off, I created an aggressive new wheel. Should you decide to build this car, please let the guys at Camaro Performers magazine in on the progress. Stay inspired, Micheal Castiglione (Casti Design)

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