1969 Chevy Camaro - Excitotoxin*

Nathan Powell's Burnished First-Gen Will Bust Your Brains Out Baby!

Ro McGonegal Sep 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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"The taillights are original GM, just made to fit better," Alan says. "We relocated the original gas filler cap and customized it with flat stock and then put a hidden magnetic popper behind it so it pops open when you push on it. The deck spoiler is original, as is the ZL2 hood. We added DSE electrics to the RS headlight doors, but Nathan can use them just as well closed."

Camp_1009_12_o 1969_chevy_camaro Fog_lights 2/21

The paint, if you can believe it, is a custom brew of PPG Orange base and other potions at the disposal of painter Greg Chalcraft. He finished off the hood and decklid with stripes-another poultice steeped in graphite. Thus one more '69 Camaro saved from the dirt nap.

Camp_1009_13_o 1969_chevy_camaro Rear 3/21

*NOTE: Excitotoxins are real. It's the stuff that food conglomerates add to their processed products to make them taste better, though still toxic. In this case, the excitotoxin works in reverse. Would-be chumps salivate at the sight of Nathan's Camaro, and they're the ones who absorb the toxin, watching helplessly as it burns past them like a bad dream.

Camp_1009_14_o 1969_chevy_camaro Grille 4/21




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