Fifth-Gen Camaro Funny Car - July 2010 Camaro Concepts

Fifth-Gen Funny Car

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When the topic of racing comes up, it only takes a few minutes before the familiar words, "I remember when," are spoken. I'm too young, so I don't get to use that line yet. Others, however, can recall a time when Funny Cars looked like their production counterparts. The bodies were, of course, elongated and liberally modified shells, but key identifying elements allowed spectators to plainly see which car was what. In a sense, the overriding character and gesture of the car designs were kept in tact.

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Aerodynamics and sanctioning have pushed the engineering limits of the modern Funny Car's body to a new functional high point. In doing so, some of that soul of the older Funny Cars has been lost. Instead of trying to make the modern cars retro, why not make the nostalgia class a little more modern?

Imagine building this fifth-gen Camaro as a Nostalgia Funny Car-same chassis, same engine, and the same driving style as the current nostalgia racers but with a modern body that tips its hat to the past.

Sounds like fun to me.

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