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When I first laid eyes on the 1974 Chevy Camaro, I thought "Oh my God, Chevy just killed their pony car." It had these huge, square, brick-wall-busting, government-mandated five-mile-per-hour bumpers that pretty much ruined a great looking car.

Camp_1006_01_o 1974_chevy_camaro Left_side 2/2

My position is there's always a way to correct these styling issues, and the F-bodies from '74-77 are no exception.

The first thing I did was send the "Brick Busters" to the recycler, and replaced them with a trim '701/2-73 Camaro bumper in front and widened '67-68 Camaro in the rear. The stock grille is mirrored in the lower front valance.

The hood is topped off with '67 Chevelle SS396 hood bulges with functional custom side grates and matching side fender waste gates. The fenders have 3-inch lemon wedge fender flares covering the 18x10 and 18x12 Torque Thrust IIs.

The pavement-polishing horsepower comes from a 572 RamJet backed by a six-speed, making this Pro Touring beast worthy for open track events, street light to street light action, or just driving to the local Bob's Big Boy Friday cruise night.

For more of Keith's designs and artwork go to www.kaucherkustoms.com




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