1969 Chevy Camaro SS - High Horsepower Snowball Effect

Dewayne Stephens' Twice-Finished '69

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One of the classic lessons learned after double clutching through a few projects is this: Always start with the cleanest and straightest car possible. A solid foundation is a good plan when beginning any project car, especially true when it comes to 40-something-year-old Camaros. This often-heard advice is sound, unless you change your mind about what the cleanest and straightest Camaro is supposed to be once you finally get one. Dewayne Stephens is in the business of previously owned automobiles. He knows the pitfalls associated with the costs of classic and project cars better than most. Did any of this knowledge stop

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Dewayne from taking a perfectly acceptable and trouble-free stock restored 1969 Chevy Camaro SS and transforming it into the 625-plus horsepower modernized muscle monster seen here? Nope. And that's a good thing as far as Dewayne is concerned.

Dewayne had his eye on this Garnet Red Camaro for over six years and through four owners before it finally rolled into his own driveway. Only one summer passed before he started the car down the path toward his own idea of the ultimate '69 Camaro. Dewayne knows he could have saved a heap of money by starting with a less finished canvas, but he forgets he cares about those details of the past every time he mashes the throttle to the firewall.

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"Who cares! I got the Camaro I've always wanted," Dewayne says.

Secret Admirer
Dewayne was a less-than-secret admirer of this Camaro for quite some time before taking ownership. While he was inside on a few of the sales and friends with a few of the owners, the car eluded him more than once. When Dewayne discovered the last owner had a penchant for late-model turbocharged machines as well as vintage American muscle, he knew the perfect customer for a one-owner Mazda RX-7 twin-turbo rotary machine acquired with only 12K miles on the clock. Dewayne made the trade and finally brought the hockey stick Camaro back home. The Camaro ran great as the factory intended from day one of ownership.

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While it may not seem like it, Dewayne has owned the car for only three years. For only a few months out of one of those three years did the car drive untouched. Not that it was easy tearing into the stock restored car, but one thing led to another. The car proved itself a reliable runner in stock trim. Driving the car around on the weekends was fun enough but, having owned two Camaros before this one, Dewayne decided to change things up a little. In the beginning he added a set of 18-inch Torq Thrust wheels and dropped the suspension a little. For a time, the Camaro was good.

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"I was convinced the car was finished," Dewayne says.

Convincing Ride
Around the same time Dewayne was convinced of it, his pal Vance Wheeler was in the process of intensively reconfiguring a different '69 Camaro (Camaro Performers, Feb. 2009). Dewayne thought Vance had blown not one but two head gaskets with all the work he was doing, and was perfectly happy to leave the hockey stick '69 with the newer classic wheels and slightly lowered look.

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"I told him he was crazy as hell," Dewayne says.

No way would Dewayne ever go through that sort of madness with his car. Or so he thought at the time. As it so often happens in the world of performance motoring, one drive is all it takes to begin a lifetime quest or life savings of money spent for a similar or better ride. A year after his pal's project began, Dewayne got a chance to sit behind the wheel and row through the gears of Vance's freshly sorted and finished '69 Camaro. Dewayne knew in less than one mile what needed to be done. His own Camaro was no longer finished.

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