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As I was cruising the seemingly endless aisles at SEMA last fall, I noticed one very evident fact: You couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting a 2010 Chevy Camaro SS. Is that a bad thing? Hell no! The venerable pony car from GM is back. It's been a tough few years since we've seen the magazine covers emblazoned with "Mustang versus Camaro Shootout" and even longer since a Mopar offering joined the battle. Now we're getting somewhere.

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I was asked by Modern Muscle to work on a number of nostalgic Super Stock drag cars based on the great names of the past: Wally Booth, Don Garlits, Sox & Martin, Mr. Norm, etc. The twist was that we were going to apply this performance and aesthetic to the modern descendants of the muscle cars those legends drove. Some were to be equipped as race-ready track cars and others as high-performance, streetable variants that wear era-correct paint schemes and modern, large-diameter wheels.

This Wally Booth Camaro shows what the track cars in the Legends X series will look like. I started by making sure the paint scheme was easily identifiable as the Rat Pack 1 Booth drove. As Camaro enthusiasts have realized, these '10 cars have very few surfaces and proportions that truly relate to the first-generation cars they're inspired by. Though the original car did not have an SS belly stripe, the nose needed something to cut down on the visual height. Next was eliminating the stock grille in favor of something more classic and detailed that featured the center SS badge. The most obvious modifications are the addition of the "Grump Lump" hood and the super stock stance with vintage kidney bean-style wheels. Beyond the cosmetics, this package is meant to move. A number of performance upgrades, including a Kenne Bell supercharger will be added to achieve near 1,000 hp!

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