1971 Chevrolet Camaro - Out Of The Box

Custom Motorcycle Painter Seth Boldman Waves His Spray Gun On A Healthy Second-Gen

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With the car leaning toward a modern, California-style Pro Street feel, the aggressive stance and lack of chrome bits support a "best-to-not-mess " attitude, while the stout small-block is happy to comply. The peppy 40-over bored 350ci mill sports Edelbrock Victor Jr. heads, Mallory Pushrods, and 11.5:1 compression JE pistons. Also accessed from the Edelbrock lineage is a Victor Jr. intake that distributes the high-octane swill from a Holly 830-cfm double pumper. Hooker's 3-inch headers and 17/8-inch custom competition exhaust provide quick exit of the roasted fuel. A TCI Powerglide readily accepts all 550 horses as it manifests its way to the Currie 9-inch rearend by way of an Inland Empire driveshaft. A TCI 4000-stall converter plays no mercy on the 4.11 limited-slip cogs when Seth hammers the pedal and a Hurst shifter manages the transition from low to high gear.

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Wilwood binders squeeze the 9-inch rotors to help bring the car down from speed while black powdercoated Centerline rollers reside on all four corners. The gnarly second-gen has been back-halved in order to accommodate the 32x17 slicks, and subframe connectors tie the chassis together.

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As electric windows and air conditioning only contribute to unnecessary weight, Seth consciously stayed away from modern creature comforts. In keeping with only the necessities, Pete Engle at Westminster Auto Upholstery laid the Mercedes Black carpet and green suede headliner. Classic Industries supplied the side glass and Sparco race seats and steering wheel keep the pilot firmly in line.

"I have to say, building this car in the short amount of time we had almost killed us," Seth confessed. "But all the attention we got at SEMA made it well worth the extra work. In fact, it's been a huge boost to our business on the motorcycle side as well. I can't thank Transtar Autobody Technologies enough for not only helping on the project, but convincing us to do the build in the first place.

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"There have been quite a few people asking me if I would do it all again; all I can say is stop by the Transtar booth at the '10 SEMA show to find out."




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