1971 Chevrolet Camaro - Out Of The Box

Custom Motorcycle Painter Seth Boldman Waves His Spray Gun On A Healthy Second-Gen

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Being one of the premier painters in the motorcycle world, Seth Boldman, owner of Aggressive Designs Custom Motorcycle Painting in Santa Fe Springs, California, is known for high-end, over-the-top artwork that has attracted some of the most serious connoisseurs of custom bike art. Seth and his talented crew might not be widely known in the hot rod painting world, but his unique style of work has attracted celebrity customers such as Las Vegas Mindfreak Criss Angel and members of L.A.'s notorious bad boy rock band, Mötley Crüe.

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"I've been spraying motorcycles for over 20 years, but when I got a request from Transtar Automotive Technologies to paint a muscle car, I was eager to take on the challenge," Seth said. "I've painted a few cars in the past and, even though it's not necessarily my forte or what Aggressive Designs is known for, I was definitely up for the task. And not to sound like one of those same ol' generic muscle car cable television shows, but not only did we have just six months to build and paint the car in order to make it to the '09 SEMA show in Las Vegas, there was one small problem: we had yet to find a car."

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Seth and his crew at Aggressive Designs immediately put their heads together and decided an early '70s Camaro would be their canvass of choice. They scoured the Internet in hopes of finding a solid, rust-free second-gen that was nice enough to carry the shop's banner without having to devote too much time to excessive bodywork or panel replacement.

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It wasn't long before a clean '71 was found. The deal went through without a hitch and within days the F-body's silver pigment was long gone. "Before the car was even in primer, I decided on painting our newly purchased hot rod to resemble something from the same era as the car, only with a modern vibe," Seth recalled. "I remember seeing pictures of the Baldwin Motion Camaros in hot rod magazines and thinking those cars looked sick. The Baldwin Motion stripes just made those cars look totally bitchin'."

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Collectively Seth and the crew at Aggressive have about 100 years of custom paint experience, so they put it all together to formulate a four-stage custom job that would make the Camaro stand out from any car they'd ever seen. With SEMA being one of the biggest stages to showcase their talent, the Aggressive team put together a custom recipe consisting of Mint Green basecoat followed by Aggressive's secret mix of Organic Green. The third stage featured a Lime Green Candy Gold, which was then topped off with Transtar Auto's Glamour clearcoat. The custom hue has been aptly named "Aggressive Anti-Freeze Slime Green." Together with the Baldwin-inspired, flat black graphics, the collaboration creates a unique ensemble that must be seen in person to truly appreciate. The only thing missing are the side pipes, but Seth assures that those are next on the list.

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To modernize the car even further, Seth got the idea to incorporate carbon-fiber pieces into the mix. Anvil Auto's Power Bulge carbon-fiber hood for second-gens fit the bill and carries the Baldwin Motion look Seth was going for. Not done raiding the Anvil Auto catalog (www.anvilauto.com), a carbon-fiber nosepiece, trunk lid, and spoiler were also added; not only for looks, but the parts also contribute to a considerable amount of weight savings.

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