1969 Chevy Camaro - Jersey Devil

DSE Builds Another One Just As Badass As The Last One

Ro McGonegal May 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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The goal is to produce a chassis that handles every bit of the violence the engine can produce. Jason settled on a motor that would make more than enough grunt but with a conservative displacement to ensure decent steady state mileage at high speed. NASCAR vendors Wegner Motorsports embraced the L92 truck engine, doing the machine work and increasing displacement to 388 ci. Wegner installed a GMPP intake manifold in place of the fuelie unit and stocked it with a sensible 650-cfm Holley as fed by an Aeromotive electric pump. A sophisticated and very powerful (read: expensive) programmable Pantera electronic system retains the coil-near-spark plug ignition.

Camp_1005_10_o Small_block_chevy_conversion Keys 2/28

Since the tech sheet was missing most of the engine's vitals, we can only assume that this information is proprietary. We do know the bottom of it is capped by a 6-quart Champ oil pan, and Wegner applied its front-dress assembly (Sanden compressor, Powermaster 140-amp alternator, Stewart water pump, and ATI damper) over the stock GM cover. Ancillaries include a big Be Cool aluminum core/fan assembly, Wegner custom rocker covers, DSE-fabbed air cleaner box holding a K&N filter, Vintage Air Gen IV HVAC system, custom DSE stainless steel headers with 17/8-inch primary pipes, and matching 3-inch stainless exhaust interrupted slightly by Borla XR1 mufflers and a crossover pipe. Estimated output is 560 hp at 7,100 rpm and 520 lb-ft of torque at 5,200 rpm.

Camp_1005_11_o Small_block_chevy_conversion Pedals 3/28

Accepting this spicy input is a T56 six-gear as assembled by Holman Engineering. Jason does the push and pull on a DSE billet shifter and an 11-inch Centerforce pressure plate processes torque, clutch, and flywheel surrounded by the stock bellhousing. Dynotech Engineering wailed on a 3-inch diameter steel prop shaft that DSE hooked to one of their 9-inch axles fitted with a Detroit Truetrac differential and a 3.89:1 ring-and-pinion.

Camp_1005_12_o Small_block_chevy_conversion Gauges 4/28

With the mechanicals turning steadily, DSE moved on the interior, creating special enclosures for the audio system. An Alpine CDA9887 head (iPod, Bluetooth, CD player, and XM) sends it all through a compilation of JL Audio components: Audio x2 amplifiers (Mono Amp 500/1V2 and Mono Amp 300/4V2), 6.5-inch VR650CXI front speakers, 6x9 VR690CXI rears, and a 10-inch 10W6V2 subwoofer.

Camp_1005_13_o Small_block_chevy_conversion Steering_wheel 5/28

Thence to DSE's Jay Lesar for the wiring scheme and the dash insert that he populated with Stewart-Warner custom gauges. Chuck and Darrell at Hot Rod Interiors (Mooresville) took it from there. Jason gets tactile sensation from a MOMO steering wheel and Recaro Specialist seats. Hanna put the front ones on custom brackets and outfitted cubbyholes in the rear to match. Terra Cotta leather covers all surfaces, producing the perfect foil for the dusky exterior.

Camp_1005_14_o Small_block_chevy_conversion Front 6/28

DSE's Michael Neighbors smoothed and straightened the sheetmetal, inserted a stock standard grille, modified the GM bumpers and rolled the pans, put up the mini-tubs, and hung a ZL2 cowl hood over the engine hole. Then he iced it with PPG base/clear black. About five seconds later, Jason arrived. He snuggled into the Recaro, got on the gas and boogied back to Jersey. What would he do over again? Jason: "Maybe [paint it] a different shade of black?"

Camp_1005_15_o Small_block_chevy_conversion Engine 7/28


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