GT Supercar Camaro Concept - April 2010 Camaro Concept

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Imagine this scenario: During the development of the production fifth-generation Camaro, a separate design is being prepared for global marketing purposes. Only three of these vehicles will be handbuilt by GM to showcase America's ability to create a heavyweight GT supercar. Straight-line, top end velocities are the goal of the project. Several "non-staged" appearances will be made worldwide for the media. Imagine seeing video footage of the three Camaros destroying the autobahn at over 200 mph ...

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Accompanying that hypothetical story is this page of preliminary sketches exploring the idea. Maybe the overall proportions would be slightly different, but with the same gesture of the production version. Shrink the scale of the vehicle just a touch to get the weight down, push the front wheels out forward, and then suck the cab back into the rear haunches. Incorporate a rear air brake for faster deceleration from high speeds. Slam it, bellypan it, and make it look pissed off. What would the rest of the world think?

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