1967 Chevy Camaro SS - Jiggs' Rat

Jenkins Competition Rides Again!

Ro McGonegal Apr 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Dean and Roger from Lakeside corrected the bodywork, fabbed the full-length center console, applied the PPG Dover White and completed the Yenko-style hood in PPG Silver. They ghosted "Grumpy's Toy" and "Jenkins Competition" on the doors and quarters and did the tail panel and the hockey stick stripe in the ultimate contrast. The adornment is a mix between the Dover White and the stripes, neither of which were available until the '69 model year. That grille is a gennie '67, painted black and silver to match the bumpers. The valance got a '69 vibe with the addition of Marquez driving lights.

Camp_1004_14_o 1967_chevy_camaro_ss Owner 2/22

Before the car was shipped to Dan Weber's Custom Interiors in Alexandria, Minnesota, The Roadster Shop guys installed an abbreviated DSE rollcage to tie the rails together even tighter. If anything, the interior is as plush and as elegantly understated as the body. The Corbeau Sport seats, door panels, headliner, and the console are sheathed in leather, and the blackness is punctuated by Marquez billet handles and locks. Electric Life solenoids enable the door locks and the window lifts. Leisinger squeezes a Budnik Sport wheel on a Flaming River adjustable steering column and hawks a pair of Classic Instruments 5-inch diameter all-inclusive gauge packs, tachometer and speedometer included.

Camp_1004_15_o 1967_chevy_camaro_ss Hood 3/22

It took eight months to complete Leisinger's seriously nasty affectation. In effect, he's created an heirloom for sons Josh and Jared who will hopefully enjoy it for the rest of their lives. Wonder what Jiggs would think?

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